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Grand Canyon Hotel Reservations - Making Grand Canyon Hotel Reservations at the South Rim

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The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is its most-visited region; the majority of the people who come to this breathtaking national park arrive at – and spend most of their time – in and around it. The area surrounding the South Rim is fairly developed. Although you can stay in the nearby town of Tusayan, Arizona, it’s a lot more convenient to stay right in the park itself. To get an idea about the kinds of hotels Grand Canyon that are available, read through the sections below.

Hotels in Grand Canyon National Park

There are seven different options when it comes to Grand Canyon hotel reservations inside the park itself. However, they tend to fill up very early; if you’d like to enjoy the convenience of staying right in the park, near the edge of the canyon, then you need to make your Grand Canyon hotel reservation well in advance. The seven hotels Grand Canyon inside the park are:

The El Tovar Hotel – Since 1905, this Grand Canyon hotel has been thrilling its guests. It’s located right on the rim and boasts 78 rooms and suites; nightly rates start at $175 for rooms and $320 for suites.

The Bright Angel Lodge – People have been making Grand Canyon hotel reservations at the Bright Angel lodge since it opened in the 1930s. It is at the center of all of the activity at the South Rim. Rooms start at $79 a night for shared bathrooms; suites start at $138 a night.

Kachina Lodge – With partial views of the canyon, the Kachina Lodge is a popular option when it comes to Grand Canyon hotel reservations. It’s located between the El Tovar Hotel and the Bright Angel Lodge; rooms start at $170 per night.

Thunderbird Lodge – The Thunderbird lodge is a hotel Grand Canyon that is similar to the Kachina Lodge. It’s located in the same general area, and is ideal for families. Nightly room rates start at $170.

Maswik Lodge – There are several options for making a Grand Canyon hotel reservation at the Maswik Lodge. Maswik South rooms start at $90 a night; Maswik North rooms are much roomier and start at $170 a night. The facility is located a quarter mile from the canyon’s rim.

Yavapai Lodge – The largest hotel Grand Canyon is the Yavapai Lodge. It’s located about a half mile from the rim, so it’s not quite as convenient as many of the other options. However, you can make a Grand Canyon hotel reservation for a spacious East room for around $150 per night.

Phantom Ranch – This final Grand Canyon hotel is much more than a place to sleep. The Phantom Ranch is the only hotel at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Men and women sleep in separate dorms, which cost about $40 per night per person. Space is extremely limited; reservations are typically made 13 months in advance. However, this is one Grand Canyon experience that you won’t soon forget.

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