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Panama City Beach Motels - Panama City Beach Motels Offer Tremendous Value

panama city beach motel

Panama City Beaches have been rated as the best in the world on more than one occasion. This is one reason so many tourists flock to this area on an annual basis. What makes this destination so unique is that the range of tourists is so wide. If you travel there in March or April, you will find thousands of college students enjoying spring break. However, if you travel there any other time of the year, it’s primarily a family vacation town. The primary draw for both sets is the quality of the beaches.

There are many hotels and condos available for rent in Panama City Beach, but due to high demand, the prices are high. If you want to save money and have a larger budget for food, activities, and travel, you will be better off looking into Panama City Beach Motels. When most people hear the word ‘motel,’ they conjure up images of seedy establishments with unscrupulous guests. Panama City Beach Motels are nothing of the sort. Many of them are located right on the beach and offer ocean-view rooms, impeccable cleanliness, and outstanding food. The pools aren’t your standard motel pool, either. They’re much larger, and sometimes have added attractions.

If you’re looking for an upscale motel at a discounted price, look into the Chateau Motel. If you stay at this Panama City Beach motel, you will have access to 500 feet of white sandy beach that reaches into emerald green water. There is also a large, lagoon-like pool facing the Gulf of Mexico. A Splash Zone has recently been added to the pool area, which will offer endless hours of entertainment for children of all ages. There is one side note you should be aware of with this Panama City Beach Motel. If you’re under the age of 25, you will be required to leave a $100 – $150 damage deposit. The amount will depend on the room. Due to the college crowd that descends on Panama City Beach in the spring, this is a logical insurance policy for the motel.

If you want to save even more money and are traveling with the family, your best option will be the Sunset Inn. They have 50 rooms, many of which have ocean views. Prices range from as low as $70 per night to as high as $155 per night. The Sunset Inn also has a large pool and a sundeck that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. It’s one of the cheapest Panama City Beach motels you will find.

It’s not necessary to stay right on the beach when you visit Panama City Beach. There are many inland Panama City Beach motels that offer great locations and service. For instance, the Coconut Grove Motor Inn is right next to the Signal Hills Golf Course. It’s also within walking distance to Angelo’s Steak Pit and Pineapple Willy’s Restaurant. Anyone who enjoys shopping should consider staying at the Plaza Motel, which is right in the heart of The Miracle Strip. It’s also one of the few Panama City Beach motels where the pool is open 24 hours a day. If you’re looking to stay on the bay and plan on bringing a boat, the Lagoon Motel offers a boat bock and boat ramp. This is also a good option for those traveling with a pet.

Panama City Beach offers many activities and attractions. These include golf, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, arcades, and miniature golf. The Miracle Strip also offers many bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. And if you’re looking for something that will blow your mind, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum And 4D Motion Theater recently opened. You will have an opportunity to be one of the first people to experience it.

Panama City Beach is easily one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. If you want to experience it for as cheap as possible while still getting great value, look into Panama City Beach Motels.

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