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Cheap One Way Tickets - Buying Cheap One Way Tickets for Domestic Flights

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It used to be that a round trip ticket was required to get the lowest possible price on an air itinerary. Today, though, thanks to low-fare innovators like Southwest Airlines, one way tickets are more affordable than ever.

The typical rules for a discount ticket apply to one way tickets just as they do for round-trip tickets. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are typically the least expensive times to fly. Flights which are not convenient for businesspeople will also typically have more seats available at lower prices. Of course, those looking for a cheap one way airline ticket should also book as far in advance as possible. Conversely, last minute flights, especially on the weekend, can also be very affordable.

For some routes, a round trip ticket will be priced the same as two one-way tickets. If one is traveling along one of these itineraries, one does not need to worry about finding an airline which does not have the equivalent of a surcharge for a one-way trip. Commuter flights, such as itineraries from San Francisco to Los Angeles or Minneapolis to Chicago will typically fall into this group. Look also for routes where discount airlines such as Southwest and AirTran have strong presence, because these carriers typically price one-way and round-trip tickets similarly and force the major carriers to match their policies. These heavily competitive routes are the best places to find cheap one way airline tickets.

When flying a route where legacy carriers do apply a pricing differential to one-way tickets, there are still a few options. One is to switch one’s business to a low-cost carrier which offers one-way tickets at the same price. Another option is to be flexible. For instance, a round-trip ticket for nonstop flights from a Midwestern hub to Orlando with 45 day advance purchase currently costs around $350.00, or $175.00 each way. Although the same flights on a one-way basis are $334 each way, a different itinerary requiring multiple stops is available for $159 each way. In those instances where a one way ticket costs more than a round trip ticket, one may also choose to simply purchase a round-trip ticket and leave the return leg unused. Although most airlines believe that this is a violation of their contract of carriage, ultimately, there is little that they can do.

Southwest Airlines not only maintains an extensive domestic route map and strong on-time performance, but also does not have a differential price for one way tickets. On Southwest, a cheap round trip is essentially just two cheap one way tickets glued together. Some of the other discount carriers who have similar policies include Sun Country and AirTran. Whichever carrier one ultimately chooses to fly, though, cheap airline tickets for one way travel are easier to find than ever before.

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