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Vancouver Canada Hotels - Vancouver, Canada Hotels - Top Options

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As the third-largest city in Canada, Vancouver is bursting at its seams with exciting attractions and things to do. If you’re planning a vacation there, then you’d probably like to find ideally located – and reasonably priced – Vancouver, Canada hotels. In order to arrive at the right price and a suitable location, you’re going to have to familiarize yourself with the basic layout of Vancouver. That way, you can find a Vancouver, Canada hotel that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Vancouver, Canada Hotels in the City Center

Without a doubt, the best option for staying in Vancouver – at least in terms of geography – is its city center. Most of the best attractions are located in this part of the city, which includes Yaletown and the Central Business District, and there are plenty of hotels Vancouver BC to choose from there. However, accommodations in the city center tend to be pretty expensive; average nightly rates for Vancouver, Canada hotels in this area range from $200 to $250.

If you make your reservations early enough, you could book a room at the Days Inn on Pender Street. Rates begin at $110 a night, which is why it tends to get booked solid quite frequently. This is probably the least expensive Vancouver, Canada hotel that you’re going to find in the city center.

The very best hotel in Vancouver, BC – at least in terms of luxury and amenities – is the Four Seasons Vancouver. Located on West Georgia Street, the Four Seasons is within walking distance of many popular attractions. Nightly rates start at $270, though, so it’s one of the most expensive options in this part of the city.

Vancouver, Canada Hotels in East Van

You can save some money on hotels Vancouver BC by staying east of Ontario Street in East Van. The 2400 Motel on Kingsway has rooms starting at $80 per night, and you’re still in a fairly central location. There’s also a Days Inn on Kingsway, which is more expensive but offers plenty of great amenities for families.

Airport Hotels in Vancouver, BC

If you’re traveling in and out of Vancouver through the airport, then it makes sense to choose a Vancouver, Canada hotel that’s near it. You’re going to want to stay in Richmond, then, and one great option is the Hampton Inn on Bridgeport Road. A wide range of rates are available, with nightly rates between $100 and $300. The Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel on Westminster Highway is a prime choice for those who want to splurge; nightly rates start at $150.

Stay in the Suburbs and Save

Finally, you can save a lot of money on Vancouver, Canada hotels by staying in a suburb like North Shore. The Holiday Inn on Old Lillooet Road has rooms starting at $125 a night. You can also enjoy rock-bottom rates by staying in a non-chain Vancouver, Canada hotel; the Grouse Inn on Capilano Road is a good option to explore in that case.

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