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Berlin Cheap Hotels - Inexpensive Hotels in Berlin

1. pension funk

A European vacation can be extremely expensive, what with the costs of a round trip plane ticket, dining, staying in a hotel and other miscellaneous costs. One way to substantially lower the costs of staying in Berlin is to make reservations at a cheap Berlin hotel. Although most hotels in Berlin are rather pricey, there are several inexpensive Berlin hotels if you know where to look. Read more to find out about some surprisingly cheap hotels in Berlin!

1. Pension Funk

This is a great cheap Berlin hotel because it combines glamour with a reasonable price for a night’s stay. This is also the place where the famous silent film star Asta Nielson used to live! Located on the beautiful Fasanenstrasse, the Pension Funk charges as low as $46 a night for a single room and $70 for a double!

2. East Seven Berlin Hostel

Hostels have gotten a bad rap as the bare bones place for college coeds to stay during backpacking trips. East Seven Berlin Hostel blows away these stereotypes! This modestly priced Berlin hotel is surprisingly high tech and modern and features a lovely garden and patio outside, as well as a group kitchen and library. Stay in a dorm for just $19 a night, a private room for $41 or a double room for $57.

3. Hotel and Hostel Friedrichshain

This cheap Berlin hotel and hostel hybrid has a distinct home away from home feel. The hotel owners serve a delicious breakfast every morning and also offer internet service. This is one of the few pet friendly hotels in the area. Stay in a single room for $47 a night, a double for $54 or a triple room for $132.

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