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Disney Land Florida - Visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida without breaking your budget!

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Every family wants to vacation in Walt Disney Land. It is known as a place of fun and magic and which has been popular with families for generations. In order to make the theme park affordable and available for everyone, the Disney Corporation offers a large number of package deals and tour deals to ensure that everyone can visit the park. There are a number of ways for the budget-conscious to save money when visiting Walt Disney World.

The first and most famous way to save money at Walt Disney Land is to go during the off season, which begins in November and usually runs until April or March. It is during this period that Florida enters its brief and mellow winter, with temperatures usually getting down to around 60 degree Fahrenheit, except during the worst parts of January and February. Orlando, Florida rarely has temperatures below freezing, although it is often necessary to wear a coat during the off season. Because of this, many people choose to not visit Disney Land in Florida during the off season, especially since certain water rides must be turned off when the temperature gets low in order to prevent the risk of hypothermia. In order to attract visitors during this down time, Disney Land offers better packages, decreased hotel and entrance fees, as well as a number of side benefits such as free “Disney Dollars” in an attempt to keep people visiting during this off period.

Another great way to save money when visiting Disney’s Orlando, FL theme parks is to purchase package deals. For the most part, Disney offers very expensive single admission rates, and comparatively inexpensive package deals. This is done to encourage people to visit many parks, since the vast majority of Disney’s revenue does not come from admission, but from the sale of souvenirs, food and toys. These package deals are most often sold by Disney and Disney’s affiliates. Many travel agencies hold them, as do vacation package resellers. It is a good idea to plan out a trip to Disney Land or Orlando Florida in total and then ask either a Disney representative or at travel agent if there are any package deals which can fit the needs of the entire trip. This is particularly wise if a family is traveling, since Disney is a family vacation spot and goes to great lengths to help families afford the trip. Often, children are permitted to enter the park for free, or almost free, since they will always bring parents and relatives along.

These package deals may extend to hotel rooms and airfare. Walt Disney Land reserves a certain number of flights from major cities to Orlando, Florida on a regular basis to ensure that their potential customers have inexpensive airfares to the park. Additionally, many of the hotels in Orlando, Florida are owned in part or in whole by Walt Disney Land, and offer reduced rates to those who are visiting the park. Admission to the parks is often included in the cost of the hotel room, and may even be given away for free to persons who purchase a luxury hotel room or reserve a certain number of rooms. The package deals involving the flight, hotel and admission prices are subject to constant fluctuation, but most travel agents and the Disney Corporation itself are always happy to help potential guests find the deal that suits them best.

The last way to save money when going to Walt Disney Land in Orlando, FL is to carefully budget and to plan ahead. As previously mentioned, the vast majority of the park’s revenue comes not from admissions, but from the sale of souvenirs, food and other items. Bringing your own food is not permitted in some areas, but it is in others, and leaving the park for lunch or dinner is always a good idea. Avoiding the purchase of more than one souvenir per day is also a good idea, or choosing them out in advance. This is particularly helpful with children, who will have difficulty resisting the large number of games, toys and clothes that are available for sale. By giving them their own money, or limiting their purchase to a single item, it is possible to save a good deal of money while still having fun and getting things to remember the trip by.

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