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White Haven Hotels - Vacation in White Haven

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White Haven is increasingly becoming a popular vacation spot for those who just want to get away from everything. Located in an extremely remote part of eastern Pennsylvania, it is surrounded by state parks that are open to hiking, biking, and in some cases horseback riding. The town of White Haven is very small, with about 1500 permanent residents. Despite this, there are a number of hotels in the area due to the fact that it is located near the intersection of two major interstates, I-80 and I-476. While limited in terms of activities, it is an excellent alternative to major cities, especially since it is close enough for someone from New York or Philadelphia to drive there in a single day, even though it is a small and remote town. The large forests are very popular among campers, and there are a few rivers running through the area that have white-water rafting tours. The rapids are moderate, and even someone who has never been white water rafting will have no difficulty enjoying themselves and making it to the end of the run.

Hotel selections in White Haven are limited. For the most part, White Haven is home to small, family-run motels of both local and national nature. Some examples include the Holiday Inn Express as well as the independently owned and operated White Haven Motor Lodge. Business travelers who frequent the same sort of hotel on a regular basis, such as Comfort Inn or the Econolodge will find that they can apply their regular discounts and other membership benefits easily. Travelers who enjoy typical two and three star hotels will find a number of options in or near White Haven, with typical amenities such as an indoor pool and free continental breakfasts. White Haven is also home to the Mt. Laurel resort and spa, for those interested in deep relaxation in the midst of a beautiful countryside.

Visitors to White Haven should contact the White Haven Chamber of Commerce before visiting. The Chamber of Commerce doubles as the tourism board and can inform visitors of special deals, opportunities, and potential cash-saving package deals and bonuses which may help them to save money. Since there are few hotels, they tend to compete during the summer months for customers, and many offer special incentive programs to ensure they remain open and filled to capacity during the summer months. The hotels are also often almost empty during the winter; so those interested in winter hiking may be able to receive a very substantial discount when compared to those visiting in the height of summer.

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