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Ceasars Palace Las Vegas - Get Rejuvenated or Get Married at Ceasars Palace

ceasars las vegas ceasers las vegas

When you think of Ceasars Palace, you think of blackjack, slot machines, endless buffets, and top performers belting out songs in sold out venues. But there is another side to Ceasars Palace, a side that is more about relaxation, rejuvenation, romance and lasting commitment. Ceasars Palace offers extensive spa treatments and also offers wedding services. Yes, you can get rid of your stress and tight muscles, exfoliate your skin, and once refreshed, seal that special relationship with a commitment to one another till death do you part.

The Qua Baths & Spa at Ceasars Palace massage treatments include the classic Swedish, a Deep Tissue Surrender massage, a Thai massage with no oils or lotions, Hot Stone massages, Shiatsu massage with finger pressure, and even reflexology foot massages. Most of these massages are done with fragrant oils and lotions for an aromatherapy effect. Bath rituals and hydrotherapy services are either traditional or exotic, with scrubs, exfoliation, and stimulating herbals to enhance natural blood circulation and to refine skin texture. If you like, you can be coated with a Volcanic Clay Mask, a Chai Tea Mud Mask, an Essential Oils Body Wrap, a Steamy Towel Body Wrap, or even a Banana Leaf Body Wrap. Full body exfoliating scrubs such as citrus and herbal scrubs followed by a milk foam moisturizing rinse in a multiple Vichy showerhead is a treatment that will leave you feeling like you have been born again, fresh and new.

There are three pools of differing temperatures, Vichy showers which are multiple shower heads spraying a mix of water and exfoliating creams, hydrotherapy tubs, herbal steam rooms, a cedar sauna, and seven facial rooms. Facial treatments include a lifting and firming facial with vitamin C, an oxygenating facial, a collagen replacement facial, and a Chardonnay grape seed facial called Vino Veritas. Also unique is the Iron Mask facial, which uses iron particles and magnets to draw out impurities in the skin.

Other spa services are waxing of whatever area you wish, and to rid yourself of bad habits or to strengthen new habits, there is licensed hypnosis service. Hypnosis treatments that can help you to stop smoking, lose weight by reducing your eating, manage persistent pain, or improve your golf game are available on request. You can even have your dreams interpreted and your stress reduced with hypnosis therapy. As the finale to these massages, exfoliations, facials, body waxes, and hypnosis sessions, you can then relax in a soothing Lotus Flower bath, or indulge in an Exotic Elixir bath. Then it is off to see a performance or indulge in a bit of blackjack, hoping for a win of course.

Ceasars Palace can help you get married, whether in the chapel or in the gardens. There are five wedding packages, ranging in prices from $750 to $4100. These wedding services include the bridal bouquet, photographs of the ceremony, the couple and their immediate family, wedding music, and food with beverages. Some also include two nights luxury accommodation and an hour of free limousine service. Most include online wedding photo displays for up to three months after the wedding. The wedding packages are the Bella Luna, the Roman, the Cleopatra, the Ceasar, and the Simcha. The Ceasar is the highest priced ceremony and includes hair styling and make up for the bride in preparation for the wedding. The Simcha is a Jewish ceremony, and has the greatest time alottment in the chapel, as well as Rabbi services for the ceremony. Couples may want to plan their ceremony in a way that gives them pre- and post-ceremony enjoyment of the many top performers at the Palace, such as Celine Dion, Cher, Elton John or Bette Midler. Time for the slot machines and for shopping in the many shops in rows through the casino halls are other important parts of the activities at Ceasars. The bride can buy things for the new home or for her honeymoon wardrobe at the upscale designer boutiques and the groom can get a complete barber treatment at the salon for men. There are a number of first class jewelry stores where the couple can purchase pieces to commemorate their stay at the Palace. Who knows? Maybe their luck at the casino will bring them extra cash for the honeymoon or another massage before leaving.

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