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Princess Cruise Alaska - Take a Princess cruise to Alaska!

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The sheer cliffs and deep fjords of Alaska are considered to be some of the finest examples of America’s natural heritage. An increasingly popular way to see this natural beauty is through the use of a cruise. Thousands of years of glacial movement has put many of Alaska’s most notable treasures right at the shoreline. Although her tallest mountains are located far inland, some of the highest mountains on the Pacific coast, all of which are volcanoes, are located in Alaska, most notably along her southern coast and the Aleutian Islands. Cruises are an exciting way to see as much as Alaska as possible, and are available during the summer months every year.

Princess Cruises is one of the predominant cruise lines offering trips to Alaska. Specializing in remote locations and natural beauty, Princess Cruises aims to offer their guests an opportunity to see Alaska in the rough, without the dangers inherent in getting too close. Traveling during the calm summer months, and often within view of the shore for long periods, Princess cruises allow their passengers to enjoy the natural beauty of Alaska without the hazards inherent in driving or hiking through long stretches of wilderness. As such, Princess cruises are highly desirable for the elderly, young children, and other persons who might have trouble handling the many wild animals that often freely roam the streets of even major Alaskan towns.

Princess Alaskan Cruises are offered from June until September, taking advantage of the calm, ice-free seas that exist during this time. Some cruises begin in Seattle or Portland and then go north, however the vast majority of them begin in or near Anchorage and return there at the end, necessitating a flight which is often included in a package deal with the cruise itself. Princess has a number of modern cruise ships running up and down the coast of Alaska. The need for a small drought in potentially shallow water means that these ships are much smaller than the legendarily large ships found in the Caribbean. This does not mean they are not equally well equipped, however, and most of them have fine, modern cabins with all the amenities.

Princess Cruises work to show visitors as much of Alaska as is possible from the coast. The ships are equipped with spyglasses and other binoculars, and the crew is regularly on the lookout for interesting sights such as migrating whales, beach-borne sea lions, or hunting Orca whales. Additionally, the ship serves traditional Alaskan foods such as spider crab legs, elk meat and fresh salmon. Fresh seafood is very popular on Princess cruises, and is usually included in the cost of the cruise. The ship stops at regular intervals to permit passengers to disembark and see Alaskan wilderness up close, as well as to purchase souvenirs and visit various locations of natural beauty and Alaskan history.

Princess Alaska Cruises also often offers specialty cruises that cater to specific persons, needs or interests. For example, there are a number of “seniors only” and “families only” cruises which have special services and amenities for those groups. Princess Alaska Cruises also offers a number of more nature-intensive cruises that follow popular migration routes and travel deep into Alaska’s many fjords. These cruises are offered only once or twice per year, and space is very limited.

Passengers can purchase Princess cruise tickets via the company website, or arrange for them through package tour deals. Most travel agents offer Princess cruise vacations, and there are often special discounts for families, students and seniors. When purchasing a package deal, it is important to also purchase flights to and from Anchorage, or the primary port that the Princess Alaskan cruise is departing from and arriving to. Most of the time these are offered as part of the entire cruise package, but persons purchasing the cruise independently should ensure that they inquire about reduced rate airfares provided by the Princess Cruise company. Persons wishing to snag a deal should check in regularly with the Princess Alaska Cruise website since prices and fares are subject to constant fluctuation. In some cases, persons willing to accept a cruise that sets sail very soon and is low on passengers can get special incentives and deals.

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