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Bellagio Hotel Vegas - Stay In Luxury At The Bellagio Hotel Vegas

las vegas bellagio hotel

Surround yourself in elegance by staying at the Bellagio Hotel Vegas. One of the finest hotels in Las Vegas, the Bellagio offers the finest in entertainment, dining, night clubs, and even shopping. The Bellagio Hotel Vegas has the best amenities for guests, with everything from an exclusive golf course to a world-class art gallery by famous artist Richard MacDonald.

Guests are treated to their choice of guest rooms, suites, or villas. All come equipped with relaxing and gorgeous decor. And you can enjoy the restful accommodations while knowing they are also good for the environment. The Bellagio Las Vegas practices a variety of earth-friendly methods, including using incandescent light bulbs and by designing a pool that is replenished by non-potable well water.

To experience the nightlife of Las Vegas, guests will not have to leave the Bellagio. With six bars and lounges, there is plenty to do to stay occupied. Take, for instance, the Baccarat Bar, which provides live piano music while customers enjoy their game. And there is no shortage of restaurants from which to choose. Each dining location pairs high-quality food with a luxurious atmosphere, which combine to form an exhilarating eating experience not to be forgotten.

One of the most exciting venues at the Bellagio Hotel Vegas is “O” Cirque du Soleil. This entertainment takes place above, in, and on the water, but is also encompassed by a grandiose theater. The shows are given Wednesday through Sunday. Thrilling acrobatics and artistic surrealism are woven together in this production to create one of the most revered acts in Las Vegas.

These are just some of the ways in which the Bellagio Hotel Vegas surpasses its rivals and provides the most unique memories for its guests. Enjoy what many other travelers already know to be the best hotel in Las Vegas: the Bellagio.

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almost 5 years ago

In the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph, I believe that is supposed to said that Bellagio does not use incandescent lighting. They changed their bulbs to LED and CFL.