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Cabo San Lucas Vacations - Vacation in Cabo San Lucas!

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Located on the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is a popular vacation destination for those who love tropical climates and Pacific surf and sand. While the waves are not as huge as those in Hawaii or some parts of southern California, they are still substantial and provide for excellent surfing. San Lucas is more commonly visited by persons interested in scuba diving, however. It is home to a number of shallow-water reefs, both man-made by deliberate scuttling of ship and naturally grown by coral colonies. Cabo San Lucas is also known for excellent fishing conditions. There are a large number of fishing piers located on the beach, and those interested in deep sea fishing can charter a boat or book passage on deep sea fishing tours. Open sea fishing, most notably for marlin and tuna, is also popular and available.

Despite the fact that it is in Mexico, visitors to Cabo San Lucas will find that the city is filled with Americans, British and other foreign nationals who have come to live there because of the bright sun and plentiful seas. While visitors should still expect to pay for goods and services in pesos and should know conversational Spanish, Cabo San Lucas is more like southern California than Mexico in many ways. It is also home to a number of bars and attractions built by rockstars attracted to the climate, such as the Cabo Wabo Cantina, founded by members of the band Van Halen. It is, however, much less expensive than southern California thanks to a very favorable exchange rate and lower standards of living for many of the locals. This makes it a popular vacation destination for the budget conscious.

The vast majority of persons who travel to Cabo San Lucas do so through package deals. Because of the length of the Baja Peninsula, and the distance between Cabo San Lucas and the nearest major American city, most visitors to Cabo San Lucas choose to fly in. Therefore, the best way for persons to save money when visiting Cabo San Lucas is to purchase a vacation package that includes both the hotel and the flight. The vast majority of hotels in Cabo San Lucas, many of which are owned and operated by American corporations, have some sort of agreement with the arline companies which fly in and out of Cabo San Lucas in order to provide reduced cost airline tickets and hotel fees as a means of encouraging visitors. This is complemented by the fact that most of the hotels in the city offer reduced rates during the winter months to encourage additional visitors, leading to even better package deals.

Cabo San Lucas is also a popular destination for cruise ships. With a reasonably deep harbor and vast beaches, many Pacific and southern California cruises will go to or through the area. This means that many cruise lines have vacation packages involving Cabo San Lucas, and persons interested in visiting a number of locations in Baja California should consider a cruise which begins or ends in Cabo San Lucas, especially if they are interested in fishing, swimming or scuba diving during the duration of the cruise. Many cruise lines have arrangements with local businesses and authorities to conduct such activities as part of the cruise, which can bring about significant savings when combined into some vacation packages.

Many of the vacation properties in Cabo San Lucas are timeshares, owned and operated by groups of people who agree to share a single house or condo. Many persons with timeshares choose to lease out the property during the parts of the year when they own it or are not using it. This gives vacationers an opportunity to stay in a house or condominium instead of a hotel at a much lower price than they would otherwise be charged. The downside is that most vacation packages in Cabo San Lucas are for hotels instead of time shares. Most time shares are owned by individuals who cannot offer discounts in terms of airlines or free entertainment. However, a few timeshares are part or wholly owned by tour companies and travel agencies. As such, persons who feel they would prefer to vacation in a house should contact their travel agency to see if a Cabo San Lucas vacation package can include a vacation home or time share which they can rent.

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