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New York Hotels Suites - New York Hotel Suites: Luxury, Great Views & More

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New York city has hundreds of hotels that can accommodate every budget and comfort level. when visiting Manhattan, many tourists decide to stay at suites rather than traditional guest rooms. Suites typically offer more amenities, luxury, and elegance than standard rooms. Additionally, suites in New York hotels may have outdoor balconies and large windows that offer amazing panoramic views of the city. Some of the top NYC hotels that offer luxurious suites are The Plaza Hotel, The Muse Hotel, and Jumeirah Essex House. All three hotels are located in midtown Manhattan, the heart of New York City.

Located at the corner of 59th street and 5th Avenue, The Plaza Hotel is one of the most well known hotels in Manhattan as it is situated at a busy intersection on the Grand Army Plaza near Central Park. This hotel offers seven different types of suites such as Rose, Edwardian, Suite, Terrace, and Royal Terrace suites. Each suite is beautifully decorated with a vintage interior design that is reminiscent of old world Europe. The classic and spacious suites are equipped with modern amenities such as flat screen TVs and Wi-Fi internet access. Marble bathrooms with gold plated fixtures further enhance the appeal. Suites at the Plaza Hotel start at well above $700 per night.

Situated near the corner of 46th street and 6th avenue in Times Square, The Muse Hotel offers unique suites that include in room spa services. This hotel is known as a boutique hotel, and it is also pet friendly. Guests can choose from the Premier Suite Balcony, Executive Suite, and Spa Suite. The suites are priced at above $500 per night.

The Jumeirah Essex House is located between 6th and 7th avenue right across the southern tip of Central Park. This hotel offers four types of suites known as Junior, Manhattan, Central Park, and Essex Suites. These suites have a modern sophisticated design, and they offer great views of Central Park, upper east side and upper west side. These New York hotel suites are priced between $500 and $1000 per night.

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