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Virginia Beach Hotels Motels - Vacationing at Virginia Beach Hotels & Motels

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When vacationing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, most tourists elect to stay at the oceanfront. Known to locals as “The Strip”, the oceanfront is the main location for Virginia Beach hotels and motels. If travelers prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the area, there are a handful of hotels and motels in other areas of the city, including the recently constructed Town Center.

Hotels in Virginia Beach are comprised of many chain establishments, such as Hilton or Holiday Inn. Virginia Beach motels are, for the most part, independently owned businesses; while this is important to individuals who wish to support small business, it can make lodging somewhat unpredictable. For those who are uncertain of the difference between a hotel and a motel, it’s very simple: motels allow access to rooms from the outside, while hotel room access is generally via a shared hallway indoors. At the oceanfront, Virginia Beach hotel businesses cover approximately 40 city blocks of space. If one wishes to stay at the beach but avoid heavily trafficked areas, a trip further up or down the main roads is advisable. If a quieter location is desired, the potential traveler should seek hotels or motels with either an Atlantic Avenue block number below 900 or above 3000. Shore Drive connects directly with Atlantic Avenue and also contains a number of hotels, though the extra travel time to oceanfront attractions can be off-putting to many tourists. Families or individuals who would prefer to avoid the oceanfront may find lodging in areas such as Town Center or smaller areas of the city. However, the cost, standards, and location of such hotels and motels in Virginia Beach can be too much for the budget-conscious or undesirable for those looking for nearby entertainment.

When travelers are making their Virginia Beach hotel reservations, keeping a few things in mind can ensure the process and resultant vacation is pleasant. First, determine if the desired location is a member of the Virginia Beach Hotel-Motel Association. The VBHMA is a trade association serving the local hotel industry in order to promote ethical practices and compliance with local laws and codes. In addition, it is wise to check with the Hampton Roads chapter of the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or problems reported on the location. Unfortunately, some issues with Virginia Beach motels and hotels are not reported to the BBB. According to the Virginia Pilot, the newspaper serving the area, a number of oceanfront inns have had pest problems in recent years. In 2009, ten Beach hotels were found to contain bedbugs, including the La Coquille Inn, the Oceanfront Super 8, and the Cerca del Mar Motel. Hotels and motels endorsed by the Virginia Beach city government are generally considered “safe”, so contacting the Virginia Beach Visitor’s Center or the city government’s tourism board is beneficial. Featured Beach hotels and motels prices double during the peak season and book quickly, so early reservations are recommended. A valid credit card is required to secure Virginia Beach hotel reservations and must be presented at check-in time.

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