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Hawaii Interisland Flights - How to Select Hawaii Interisland Flights

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Hawaii Interisland flights are available to people who desire to travel between the Islands of Hawaii. The trips by air are usually fairly short. The flight times between islands are listed below:

• Honolulu to Kapalua, Maui: 30 minutes
• Honolulu to Kahului, Maui: 35 minutes
• Honolulu to Ho’olehua, Molokai: 20 minutes
• Honolulu to Lana’i City, Lanai: 23 minutes
• Honolulu to Lihu’e, Kauai: 35 minutes
• Honolulu to Hilo, Big Island: 45 minutes
• Honolulu to Kona, Big Island: 40 minutes

Depending upon the airline chosen, guests may fly Boeing B-717 jets to and from the destinations. Many of the airlines provide daily service to each of the six major Hawaiian Islands: Lanai, Molokai, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island. If booked in advance, travelers may obtain tickets for as little as $29 or less. Since, the ferry service is limited, airlines are the preferred way to travel between islands. Guest should plan their trips accordingly to avoid trips unexpected overnight stays.

Some airlines may offer an “Island Hopping” pass, which offers unlimited travel to each of the airlines for a specified period of time. Individuals should inquire with each airline for details regarding the pass.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines offer services between six of the major Hawaiian Islands. They fly their passengers on Boeing B-717 jets. Each day, passengers may enjoy daily travel between Kauai, Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. The flights travel to both Kailua-Kona and Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaiian Airlines was one of the first airlines to offer inter-island flights. They have provided the service for over 70 years.

Go! Airlines

Go! Airlines edged out Aloha Airlines after they filed bankruptcy. Mesa Airlines is their parent company. They offer interisland flights for an average of $100 round trip. Go! Airlines offer several flights throughout the day. Many of the locals prefer to fly Go! Airlines. The flights are readily available. Sometimes Go! Airlines offer specials to passengers. Check the website for more information.

Pacific Wings

Pacific Wings provides charter flights between the islands to accommodate customers who desire privacy. They are a convenient service that provides interisland flights with little or no wait times. The plane will not be crowded if it is a personal charter. Pacific Wings may be chartered for high profile clients, special occasions, time sensitive travel, tourism and emergencies.

Island Air

Island Air provides interisland flights at least once every other hour for their major flights from Honolulu. The frequent flights start at 5:20 AM. Service stops around 8 PM in the evening. Islands that do not receive as much traffic have less frequent flights throughout the day.

Other airlines offer flights as well. Nearly every major airline that offers service to Hawaii will also offer interisland flights. Airlines, such as United, American, Delta, Japan Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Quantas, and Air Canada all offer interisland service. Visitors should plan their flight schedule in advance, if at all possible. Flights may be overbooked or individuals may have to wait significant time periods in order to book a flight. The earlier flights are booked, the better deal the customer will receive.

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