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When Disneyland opened in California on July 17, 1955, it was like no other park that had come before it. Children and adults alike were captivated at their ability to enter a life-like reproduction of some of Disney’s best movies. This was the first interactive theme park based on either moving pictures or animation. Walt Disney tickets soon became one of the most prized event tickets in the country.

No other park could match Disneyland until October 1, 1971. This is when Disney topped itself with the opening of Walt Disney World near Orlando, FL. Developed on 28,000 acres of otherwise useless, swampy land, Disney World made the 400 acres of Disneyland look like child’s play. Although Disney World was envisioned by Walt, it was built by his brother Roy in honor of his life and as a memorial to his death. It not only included the Magic Kingdom theme park, but it included on-site hotels, golf courses, shopping, and campgrounds all connected by a monorail transportation system.

Disney World tickets quickly overtook Disneyland tickets in sales and demand. Disney World established itself as a premier destination for tourists from not only the United States but from all over the globe. Roy lived just two years after completion of the project, and it continued under the oversight of a team originally trained by the Disney brothers.

In 1982, EPCOT center would open as the second theme park on the Disney World site. This made Walt Disney tickets even more desirable as visitors flocked to see showcases on the world of today and presentations on the world of tomorrow. The sale of Walt Disney EPCOT tickets would quickly return the $1 billion investment of the new park.

Today, Disney World is comprised of six parks in total:

• Magic Kingdom – The original park with entertainment, character attractions, parades on Main Street USA, and fireworks.
EPCOT – The second park still features cuisine and culture from 11 countries around the world, while continuing to showcase new technological developments.
• Animal Kingdom – Animal Kingdom is the largest live animal theme park in the world. It not features the animals, but also attractions based on the animal inhabitants.
• Hollywood Studios – With the success of Universal Studios, Disney developed their own theme park based on their work in Hollywood, with exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at their latest and greatest films.
• Blizzard Beach – There is no better way to beat the Florida heat than with a trip to a water park. This is one of two Disney water parks, and it contains the fastest and tallest water slides in the world.
• Typhoon Lagoon – This is Disney’s second water park. It features attractions for the whole family, including snorkeling with live sharks.

Walt Disney tickets are sold separately for each park. One-day tickets can cost almost $100 for each adult. With so many parks available, Disney World soon took actions to make it more affordable for families on extended vacations and for Florida residents just visiting for the day. The Park Hopper Disney ticket allows ticketholders to go multiple parks for the duration of their tickets. Walt Disney tickets can also be purchased for multiple days. These tickets expire 14 days after their first use unless the no expiration premium is paid. Disney World annual passes are also available for unlimited use throughout the year.

Many Disney World tickets come included at a discount in trip packages. Visitors can save money by buying their Magic Kingdom tickets in conjunction with a hotel stay and, sometimes, with a flight. Some of these packages are all-inclusive so visitors never have to worry about spending extra money for meals and drinks.

Most people buy their Walt Disney tickets directly from Disney, but this is not always the best option. Disney licenses third-party companies to sell their tickets. These companies often undercut Disney’s prices and take a hit on profit in return for quantity of sales. If using a third-party vendor of Disney tickets, it is always best to use a reputable company that has been in business for several years.

Many companies offer highly discounted, or even free, Walt Disney tickets and vacation packages. Of course, nothing is truly free. Those people signing up to receive these tickets will be put through a high-pressure sales presentation for time-share vacation condos.

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