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Mazatlan Vacation Packages - Mazatlan Vacation Packages Offer Excitement, History, and Culture

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Mazatlan, nicknamed the “Pearl of the Pacific,” is one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Mexico. The city spreads across 15 miles of Mexico’s Pacific coast and has a long history of being open and friendly. Mazatlan is considered one of the most tourist-friendly places in the world. With so much to do there, Mazatlan vacation packages can vary greatly as to tours, activities, attractions visited, and length-of-stay.

Mazatlan is often divided into two zones. Each zone is like night and day from each other, but both offer hordes of activities, sights, fun, and educational experience.

• Zona Dorada (The Golden Zone) – This zone is also called new Mazatlan. It is contains most of the hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs visited by tourists. One of the unique attractions in the Golden Zone is Fiesta Land. Fiesta Land is where all party life in the city starts and ends.

• Old Mazatlan (The Historic Zone) – This is the area near the center of the city. Many of the historic buildings have either been restored or are in the process of restoration. Tours of Old Mazatlan are included in many Mazatlan vacation packages, but if not, it is a simple matter to arrange a tour there or simply go for a walk through the area on your own.

Another reason many people love Mazatlan is for its beaches. The beach extends the length of the 15 miles occupied by the city. Most of the beaches are in the Golden Zone, but some less popular beaches are outside the Zona Dorada. Beach vendors can be found throughout selling everything from souvenirs to fresh fruit. Tight full-head hair-braiding is a popular activity on the beaches.

After buying a Mazatlan vacation package and arriving to the city, some visitors find it difficult to navigate the confusing streets. For this reason, many people stick to using the Malecon, the main waterfront street in the city. Most of the attractions inside the Golden Zone will be along or near the Malecon.

Mazatlan is an extremely affordable city to visit. Prices inside the city are always reasonable, and Mazatlan vacation packages can be purchased for any date on the calendar. High season, however, runs from December through Easter (March or April), so travel packages to Mazatlan during this time can be more expensive. For a real deal, travelling in the off season is recommended. The only problem is that Mazatlan experiences a rainy season lasting from June through the end of October. During this time, it is not unusual to experience some rain on a daily basis.

Mazatlan is very near to the United States. From Los Angeles, flight time is only 2.5 hours. Only one extra hour is added for flights originating from San Francisco.

A Mazatlan vacation package can be based around several different activities. Here are some of the most popular activities in the area:
• Food – Mazatlan boasts some of the finest and freshest seafood in the entire world. For those who don’t like seafood, steaks, Italian, and Chinese food of extraordinary caliber can be found here. One word of advice is to not judge a book by its cover. Some of the best food comes out of the more run-down looking restaurants.
• Sports – Among the many sports that can be played on a Mazatlan vacation are golf and tennis. Spectator sports include baseball, football (soccer) and bull fighting.
• Surfing – Prime surfing is can be found on the southern beach.
• Boat tours – Mazatlan has three beach islands: Isla de Venados (Deer Island), Isla de Pajaros (Bird Island), and Isla de Chivos (Goat Island).

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