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Las Vegas is the premier tourist attraction in the United States. Forget Los Angeles. Forget New York City, or even Miami. People want to go to Vegas. Las Vegas, nicknamed Sin City, attracts between 35 million and 40 million visitors every year. This oasis of neon lights, resorts, and flashy casinos brings them in not only in hopes of hitting the big one, but just to see the spectacle. The city has food, nightclubs, and shopping to rival any city in the world. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy Las Vegas. The casino owners would much prefer you spend a couple bucks at the blackjack table than to pay exorbitant rates for a bed you may never sleep in. Trips to Las Vegas can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of other vacation packages. There is something in Vegas for everyone, from the millionaire to those on a budget.

Budget trips to Las Vegas are best purchased as a package. At one time, people would travel by bus or train when they didn’t have the money to fly. Today, when purchased as a vacation package flights are cheap, along with the food and meals. This means you get to spend your money on the fun stuff – entertainment. No matter your taste, Vegas has something to tickle your fancy. Whether you like concerts, dancing, exploring, movies, sports, theater, or just spending time with the one-armed bandit, Vegas will accommodate you and, if need be, the entire family. Vegas was once considered a den of adult-only activity, but today’s Vegas is made for children, too.

The most popular time to take a trip to Vegas is from March through May and in the month of October. If you are looking for a budget trip, any other month will give you the best prices. Depending on the originating city, Vegas packages can be as low as $250 per person for a 2-night stay. Always check on the specifics of the package. Some are only for flight and hotel. Other packages will throw in meals, spa entry, show tickets, tours, and other amenities. Don’t settle for just living. Get a package that will have you living in style.

To save even more money during your trip to Las Vegas, do some low-dollar gambling. Most casinos have blackjack tables for as low as $3. Stay away from the nickel slot machines, though. They rarely pay. At least go for the quarter machines. If you are looking for lunch, many vendors have quick and easy items like hot dogs for $1 to $2. Try to buy a drink from a drugstore before heading out instead of paying up to $5 on the street or at an event or attraction. For dinner hit one of the cheap buffets. These are not your local Chinese joints. A good Vegas buffet will serve you unlimited Steaks for an attractive price. Circus Circus has one of the best. Main Street Station also comes highly recommended.

For entertainment on your budget trip to Las Vegas, check out the aquarium at Caesar’s Palace. The fountain shows are also spectacular. The Midway Circus Act at Circus Circus is a great show too. Check it out after eating the buffet. Other low-cost or free attractions that are a must-see are the Conservatory and fountains at Bellagio, Fremont Street Experience, MGM Grand Lion Habitat, Rio’s Show in the Sky, and the Sam’s Town Sunset Stampede.

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