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Memphis Hotel Rooms - Booking Hotel Rooms in Memphis

memphis tn hotel

Finding a Memphis hotel room is easier than it sounds, once you know a bit about the layout of the city. There is a Memphis Tn hotel in almost every area of the city, but Memphis is very large; like Los Angeles, Memphis spreads outward, not upward. The downtown area is one of the most frequently visited, due to the sports stadium, Cook Convention Center, and Fed Ex Forum – all of which are located there – but Memphis has many scenic neighborhoods, if you do not mind being farther away from your destination.

Whether you need a Memphis TN hotel room for a business trip or your trip is purely recreational, finding a price range is your first step. Rooms in the Peabody or Radisson, both downtown, will certainly cost more than other Memphis hotel rooms, but these landmark buildings are not only centrally located, they are also historically important. Both are close to the bus station, surrounded by numerous restaurants, clubs, and eateries, and serviced by taxis and rented car services. There are several other hotels in this part of Memphis, TN, most of which offer less expensive lodging, but are just as centrally located and convenient.

Beale Street is another area tourists enjoy, and for good reason: Beale St. is lined with great bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, almost all of which offer live entertainment on a regular basis. Many say it is the home of the Blues. While there are few hotels on Beale Street itself, there are many in the surrounding areas. A hotel room in this part of Memphis may still be rather pricey, but it will generally be less than those of the downtown area.

Memphis has a lot of other areas that cater to both locals and tourists, including Midtown – notable for its many nightclubs and live acts, as well as arts-related events and outlets – Wolfchase, which is a high-end shopping and restaurant destination, and Germantown, which provides shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and more. A Memphis hotel room in every price range can be found in these places, and throughout the greater metropolitan area.

Two of the most important streets to be aware of are Union and Poplar, both of which run the length of Memphis tn, from the outstretches of Germantown and Wolfchase, through Midtown, right into the heart of downtown. Memphis tn hotels are dotted along both of these thoroughfares, and cater to a host of guests in every price range. No matter where your business, or pleasure, is located in Memphis, you can find your way there from either of these streets. Cab fare is non-negotiable, but competitively priced – cheaper than in many other major cities, in fact – so staying farther away from your primary destination(s) may save you some money.

Memphis hotel rooms are available throughout the city, and cater to all manner of guests. Memphis tn hotel rates are largely dependent on the area. Competitive cab fare rates and rental car agencies make staying farther away from your destination an option. Decide on a price range and find both Union and Poplar on a map before you visit to ensure the memphis tn hotel you choose will serve your needs.

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