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Charleston Cheap Hotel - How to Find Cheap Hotel Accommodations in Charleston

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Charleston, West Virginia is a charming city full of wonderful options for accommodations, but finding an inexpensive hotel room might seem like a difficult task. With just a little planning though there are ways to find a budget-friendly hotel for your stay.

One thing to consider is that like most cities, hotels in certain areas of Charleston are more expensive than in others. Many of the hotels out of the city center and across the river are less expensive, but are still within a quick and easy drive to not only all of the sights you’ll want to see in the city, but to the beaches as well! Keep in mind that the rate can decrease dramatically if you are not only flexible in the area you’ll stay in but also in your travel dates as well. Sometimes changing your travel dates by just a day can cause the price of the room to drop.

Charleston is a hub of business in West Virginia, and as such, many well-known and dependable national hotel chains are present. Its location also makes it a popular stop-over for vacationers travelling from the midwest to the Atlantic coast. Those staying in Charleston for a short time, or on business, may wish to stay in one of the well-known national hotel chains in order to simplify their trip. these hotels are mostly located on the outskirts of town, with convenient highway access The best way to get cheap hotel deals here is to call the hotel — don’t settle for the rates you find online, whether on the hotel site or on a travel website.

Alternatively, those vacationing in Charleston, West Virginia, may wish to find lodging closer to downtown Charleston. Popular options include the Brass Pineapple bed and breakfast, and the Fairfield Inn downtown. Finding a cheap hotel deal on these accomodations can be tricky. Often, last-minute bookings can be made for a better rate — but this is quite a gamble if you are planning a vacation. The best approach here is to call the hotel manager and try to negotiate a good rate in advance.

Remember, when planning your trip to Charleston, WV, you can find a comfortable hotel room without breaking your budget!

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