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San Diego Zoo Tickets - How to Purchase San Diego Zoo Tickets

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The San Diego Zoo is famous world-wide for its fantastic animal collections, educational programs, and botanical gardens. Whether you visit the zoo by taking a guided tour, attending a summer camp, spending the night at a special sleepover, or going as a daily tourist, there are several options available when you purchase San Diego Zoo tickets.

The simplest way to see the zoo is to purchase a one day pass. The adult admission covers anyone older than 12 years, and the child’s ticket is for children from 3 – 11 years of age. Included in the one-day pass is admission to the zoo, unlimited use of the guided tour bus, the Skyfari Aerial tram, and the express bus. Since the San Diego Zoo covers over 100 acres of land, the buses and trams are a wonderful way to reduce walking time.

Another way to take advantage of additional parks in the area is to purchase a multi-day or multi-park pass. This combination pack allows you to visit the San Diego Zoo for 2 days, spend 2 days at the Wild Animal Park, or attend the zoo one day and the Wild Animal Park on another day. The nice thing about the multi-day or multi-park pass is that you have up to one year to use these tickets.

Becoming a member of the San Diego Zoo is probably the best way to purchase San Diego Zoo tickets. By registering for a zoo membership, you’ll gain an entire year of free admission to both the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Depending on the membership level you sign up for, you’ll receive many benefits and specials. For example, you’ll get an additional 2 guest passes to the Zoo, unlimited access to the Skyfari Aerial tram, and a subscription to the ZooNooz magazine. Some of the specials include coupons for lunch specials and discounts off of ice cream.

If you’d like to take advantage of all that the San Diego Zoo offers, consider purchasing a backstage pass or other tour package. Not only will you get to see the animals up close, the tours offer additional experiences with the animals that the general public won’t get to enjoy. You can even register to sleep over at the zoo. Imagine spending the night with some of the world’s most exotic animals. Included in this package is sleeping in a zoo tent, dinner, an evening snack, a hot breakfast, and a take-home gift.

Searching the internet will help you find some discount coupons and reduced ticket prices for the zoo. Knowing what type of pass you’re looking for will assist you with finding the best deal.

Overall, there are many educational programs and fun packages available at the San Diego Zoo. Whatever ticket option you decide to buy, you’ll still have a great time. Before you go, though, take the time to visit the zoo’s website at www.sandiegozoo.org. You’ll feel much more prepared if you do your research before you go.

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