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San Juan Flights - How to Secure San Juan Flights

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Puerto Rico’s beach is one of the most remarkable beaches on the planet. The crystal blue waters are enchanting and inviting like few places on this planet. Nearly 4 million people are residents of this island. The island possesses a mix of Hispanic and Anglo Saxon culture.

The island receives travelers all year round. The average temperature reaches a high in the mid 80s and lows in the mid 70s degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing travelers should be aware of is hurricane season. The season begins in May and ends in October. If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, it may be a good idea to purchase traveler’s insurance especially during these months. This will avoid any lost funds in the event of a hurricane. If you really despise a warm tropical rain, February is the best time to visit the location.

San Juan airfare is fairly reasonable, if you travel during the specified times the airlines offer deals. Other times can be more expensive. Each week San Juan, Puerto Rico has 271 medium sized aircrafts departing from their airport. Over 52 nonstop San Juan flights depart from the airport weekly. There are also San Juan flights to 52 different cities. Each week the San Juan airport accommodates an average of 86,433 passengers on 760 San Juan flights. Therefore, individuals will never be concerned about the frequency of arrivals and departures from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Samples of San Juan Flights and Airfares

• New York to San Juan: $220
• Chicago to San Juan: $200
• Washington to San Juan: $216
• Orlando to San Juan: $114
• Boston to San Juan: $208
• Philadelphia to San Juan: $250
• Los Angeles to San Juan: $327
• Newark to San Juan: $234
• Dallas-Fort Worth to San Juan: $282
• Atlanta to San Juan: $232
• Miami to San Juan: $166
• Hartford to San Juan: $242
• Las Vegas to San Juan: $329

Some International San Juan Flights Include:

• Beef Island to San Juan: $166
• Santo Domingo to San Juan: $272
• St Maarten to San Juan: $245
• Panama City to San Juan: $414
• Punta Cana to San Juan: $352
• St Lucia to San Juan: $398
• Antigua to San Juan: $275
• Caracas to San Juan: $677
• Port of Spain to San Juan: $392

Planning ahead will yield the best deals on San Juan flights. Mid-December to Mid-April are the busiest times to travel to San Juan. San Juan flights are also more expensive during this time. Summer and Fall are quieter times to travel and also the least expensive times to book San Juan flights.

Those traveling to the area may enjoy the Museo de Arte Art Museum. This is a wonderful location for both locals and visitors to experience Puerto Rican art. Camuy Caverns is one of the largest cave systems in the world. Many travelers visit this location to view the petroglyphs etched into the Cathedral Cave. La Princesa, once a prison, is now the home of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

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