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El Paso Vacation - How to Have a Great El Paso Vacation

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El Paso has much to recommend it as a vacation destination. It offers the best of two cultures, many enjoyable attractions, a fascinating history, beautiful sights and good restaurants. It is a great place to spend a long weekend or a full week or longer. The most obvious incentive for an El Paso vacation is there are so many fun things to do. There are attractions that appeal to families and to couples, to the young and also to those who are older.

The El Paso Museum of Art, founded in 1947, has over 5000 pieces of art. Many of the world’s most famous artists have works on display there. There is also an extensive collection of modern works by artists from the southwestern United States.

The Wyler Aerial Tramway is a favorite thing to do for almost everyone. It takes you to the top of Ranger’s Peak. From this 4000-foot high vantage point, there are impressive views in every direction, including into Mexico. It is a nice place for a picnic, and there is a gift shop. Like so many of the attractions in El Paso, the tramway is especially enjoyable for children.

While enjoying your El Paso vacation, don’t miss Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. This 8600-acre park is named for the large rock basins that are called “huecos.” They collect and hold water. Native Americans used them for hundreds of years as a source for water in this arid land. There are pictographs or, for the adventurous, rock walls and rock climbing.

The Franklin Mountains State Park, with its 24,247 acres, is the largest urban park in America. It covers 37 square miles. There is a hiking trail to the Aztec caves, as well as numerous other trails. The views are beautiful, and a nice campground is available.

The U. S. Border Patrol Museum is a unique attraction, which highlights the important work done to defend the U. S. borders. It offers artifacts, vehicles used by the USBP, a helicopter and, most interestingly, the seized vessels in which smugglers have tried to get across the border. Children especially enjoy the experience, because they can get on or in these displays.

After a busy day of sightseeing, everyone will be hungry. One of the good things about your El Paso vacation is the selection of popular restaurants and comfortable hotels available for you.

L & J Café is popular with locals and is often crowded. It features Mexican food and serves large portions. The service is fast, and the wait staff is friendly.

China Star Bistro has a lovely decor and comfortable booths. The food is good, and the prices are moderate.

Cattleman’s Steakhouse Indian Cliffs Ranch is like it sounds: good steaks, nice atmosphere, and a bit expensive.

The most popular places to stay during your El Paso vacation include: Holiday Inn El Paso – Sunland, Holiday Inn El Paso – Central and the Hampton Inn at the airport.

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