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Virginia Beach Cheap Hotels - Two Virginia Beach Cheap Hotels

the atlantic hotel the sea side hotel

The are more than a few Virginia Beach cheap hotels; however, as with most places, you need to know which ones are actually a bargain and which are not worth staying in for any price. Things like location and amenities are important when scouting out a hotel, and there are couple of nice choices in Virginia Beach.

The Atlantic Hotel

When you’re visiting a beach town, the most essential feature for a hotel is its location. Naturally, you want to throw on your suit and head right into the water. Well, the Atlantic Hotel is about as close to the beach as you can get. Located on 19th Street and Atlantic Ave, it’s less then a block away. There are no catches with the amenities either. All the rooms have private bathrooms, cable television and free Wi-Fi. There’s even free hotel parking, which eliminates the stress of battling beach traffic for a spot near the shore.

The Sea Side Hotel

Also just a few steps from the water, the Sea Side Hotel is another bargain. Similar to the Atlantic, this hotel comes with all of the standard room amenities. What’s nice about this place is that it also has its own pool and patio for guests. So if the beach is a bit too crowded that day but you’d still like to a dip and look out onto the ocean, this is the perfect solution.

Trying to decide where to stay can be overwhelming, especially in a beach town. While, technically, there are more than a couple of Virginia Beach cheap hotels, places like the Atlantic and the Sea Side offer the most bang for your buck.

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