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Hong Kong Cheap Hotel - How to Find a Cheap Hotel in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an exciting, thrilling city with much to see and do. One of the benefits of visiting a city like Hong Kong is that you can enjoy the amenities of a cosmopolitan international city on budget prices. There are plenty of cheap hotels in Hong Kong if you know where to look.

Hong Kong is split into two areas – Hong Kong Island and the New Territories, which are a strip of land connected to mainland China. Many of the cheap hotels in Hong Kong are not on Hong Kong Island, but on the New Territories side in the area known as Kowloon. This peninsula extends out into Hong Kong Bay and is itself an extremely interesting part of the city with many Chinese shops, busy markets and local eateries.

Most of Hong Kong’s cheapest hotels are situated along Nathan Road in Kowloon. Here, one can find many cheap hotels, motels and youth hostels geared toward budget travelers. Backpackers are often drawn to the inns along Nathan Road, many of which offer cheap hotel rooms and dorms. While there are many discount rooms available in this part of Hong Kong, the downside is that some of them are seedier or grungier than one might hope.

Other options for cheap accommodation in Hong Kong can be found on Hong Kong Island itself, particularly around the Causeway Bay and Central neighborhoods, which are known for their great shopping and party atmospheres.

The best way to find a cheap hotel in Hong Kong is to search sites geared toward budget accommodation, such as hostel websites, where hotels also often provide listings. For instance, Hostelworld.com is a great starting point to finding affordable, decent hotel rooms in Hong Kong.

When booking your cheap Hong Kong hotel, be sure to check that you are provided contact information and instructions to arriving from the airport or train station. Also be sure that the hotel provides you with a receipt for your booking and ask whether you are guaranteed the exact room that you requested.

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