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Edinburgh is a popular tourist destination in Scotland. It offers visitors a chance to enjoy Scottish culture in depth, since it is both the capital of Scotland and one of its most continuously occupied settlements. The entire city is strewn with monuments and historical relics, and remnants of the ancient Gaelic culture are strewn throughout the surrounding countryside. Edinburgh is also home to a number of the famous Scottish churches, and serves as an excellent entry point for those interested in going on a hiking or cycling tour through the moors and hills of Scotland. It is also considered to be the most pleasant city in the entire United Kingdom in terms of places to live, more than likely due to a lack of congestion and friendly atmosphere.

The only problem is that Edinburgh is so built up that hotel costs are often prohibitively high. So how is a person of modest means to find cheap hotels in Edinburgh? Fortunately, there are a number of Edinburgh cheap hotels available to foreigners and casual visitors. The most common refuge for the budget-conscious is the number of hostels located throughout the city. While primitive, these are excellent options for those who are truly strapped for cash, enjoy roughing it, or are college students out for the experience more than anything else.

It is also possible to gain access to Edinburgh’s cheap hotels through the local tourism board, and through travel agents. Both the tourism board and travel agencies will work to pair visitors with a hotel that they can afford, either by offering package deals or seasonal discounts. These discounts get particularly large during the off season, since few people are interested in visiting Scotland during the winter months. Hotels which are located far from the city center also often allow the visitor to get a discount, or at the very least an inexpensive room.

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