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Portland Cheap Hotels - Cheap Hotel Options in Portland, Oregon

downtown city’s inexpensive river

Portland, Oregon is one of America’s most beautiful, interesting, and inexpensive cities. Blessed by its natural setting at the foot of the Cascades, the city offers stunning views of Mount Hood and Mount Saint Helens from its many hills, parks and other open spaces. The city’s location on the Columbia River means that fishing, hiking, swimming and other outdoor activities are just minutes away. Portland also has some of the nation’s most innovative restaurants, and is full of hip, interesting boutiques. While your budget may be strained from sampling all that Portland has to offer, you can still save money by staying in the city’s many inexpensive hotels, located in parts of the city convenient to the busy traveler.

Most of the city’s hotels are clustered in three main areas: downtown, the Lloyd Center/Convention Center district just across the Willamette River from downtown, and near Portland International Airport. While it’s true that hotels in downtown can be expensive, there are still hotel discounts to be found downtown in many of the area’s smaller hotels or guesthouses. Staying downtown brings you closer to attractions such as Saturday Market, the Portland Art Museum, Pioneer Square, and, most importantly. Powell’s, the largest bookstore in the United States. However, the city’s heralded transportation system, particularly MAX, its light-rail system, means that inexpensive hotels near the convention center or the airport are a quick trip to and from downtown.

However, if Portland is just one stop on a longer Pacific Northwest vacation, you might be able to find inexpensive hotel deals in the Jantzen Beatch area, in the northern part of the city on I-5, just south of the state line. Here, you have easy access to mountains, the Oregon and Washington coasts, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Sauvie Island, and other attractions.

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