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Hotel Hudson New York - Hotel Hudson, New York

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Hotel Hudson, New York

The Hotel Hudson, located in Midtown, is the essence of New York City modern sophistication. Never before have you seen a hotel quite like this, a place of lodging which is quite a bit more than a bed and complimentary breakfast before you head out on the town. In fact, the Hotel Hudson is an attraction in and of itself, an experience of beauty and boldness combined within a very large hotel.

At Hotel Hudson, guests have many options as far as the room arrangements go. While single and standard double bed rooms are the norm, Hotel Hudson goes the extra mile and offers other rooms including Superior Queen, DLX King, Studio, Loft, Apartment, and Penthouse.

When you stay in New York City, your hotel becomes a place of relaxation and local culture. At Hotel Hudson, it is less about the amenities and more about the overall experience. At such a high-quality hotel, guests may be confident of receiving all the basic necessities and more, but they’ll also enjoy other specialities such as the Hudson Bar, Hudson Cafeteria, library, private park, and the sky terrace.

The Hudson Bar is considered one of New York City’s hottest night spots. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Hudson Bar is every bit glamour. The bar is the perfect place for socializing whether you are a guest at the hotel or not. For hotel guests who prefer to kick back and relax a little more, peaceful seclusion can be found in the old English library, the beautifully gardened private park, or the sunshine-laden sky terrace.

While the Hotel Hudson is nothing short of pricey, New York City tourists looking to stay in such a prized location should expect nothing less. At least, after paying the bill, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the finest that New York City has to offer.

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