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Auckland New Zealand Hotels - The Best Auckland New Zealand Hotels

hotel debrett

Auckland may not be the capital of New Zealand, but it does have the largest population with over 1.4 million residents. The bustling town, juxtaposed against the stunning natural landscape, is a destination for tourists around the world. The best Auckland, New Zealand hotels enhance their guests’ stay to ensure that visitors get the most out of their visit to this unique town.

Hotel DeBrett

The Hotel DeBrett has an ideal central location within walking distance of Queen Street Shopping District, the Auckland Art Gallery and beautiful Sky Park. For those who appreciate style, this is the place to stay. The interior is sleek, modern and eclectic, making it a prefect reflection of Auckland itself. The hotel features a house bar and even a drawing room where guests can grab a book off the shelves, listen to a record or play a board game. The accommodations range from classic rooms to two-floor lofts with a spiral staircase.

SKYCITY Grand Hotel

The SKYCITY Grand Hotel has just about anything a guest could want. It’s a mini-city unto itself with over 300 guest rooms. The basic rooms are luxurious in themselves, but the grand suites are a real slice of high class, with panoramic views of the harbour below. The hotel also features a lap pool, gym, sauna and day spa. At first, it may seem hard to ever leave the hotel, but with the famous Sky Tower right across the street, venturing out won’t be a problem.

Auckland is a fast-growing city in a country with so much to offer. It is modern, sophisticated and multi-cultural, and it still coexists peacefully with its natural surroundings. And the best Auckland, New Zealand hotels manage to do the same and make this great town even more worth visiting.

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