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the jefferson clinton hotel the parkview hotel

Syracuse, in upstate New York, is a town mostly known for Syracuse University. Although people may think of it as a college town, Syracuse has a rich history. In the 19th century, it was a bustling metropolis at the crossroads of the then busy Erie canal. A few historic Syracuse, New York hotels still bring to mind that classic period.

The Jefferson Clinton Hotel

First established in 1927, the Jefferson Clinton is located in the heart of downtown Syracuse. The charming, early 20th century architecture, along with the 11 stories, make it hard to miss. Inside, the Jefferson Clinton has managed to keep the classic feel while keeping up to date with all the modern conveniences. All rooms have plasma televisions, high-speed internet and DVD players. Other amenities include room service, parking and even the use of the hotel’s GPS units.

The Parkview Hotel

Also located in the historic downtown area of Syracuse, the Parkview Hotel exudes class. A brightly lit sign atop the roof is reminiscent of Park Ave in Manhattan during the roaring twenties. All the rooms are tastefully decorated with custom fabrics and include flat-screen TVs and kitchenettes. The hotel includes its own fitness center, coffee bar and lounge. With all these amenities available to guests, the Parkview is a destination in itself.

With so many chain hotels popping up, it’s nice when a town with so much history is able to maintain its character. With Syracuse, New York hotels, such as the Jefferson Clinton and the Parkview, visitors to the city can get a true glimpse of this historic town.

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