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Cheap Hotel Paris - How to find a cheap hotel in Paris

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Paris is home to the most famous monuments in all of France, including the Arc de Triumph, the Louvre art museum, and the Eiffel Tower. Paris is also home to the third largest collection of Egyptian antiquities, surpassed only by the British Royal Museum and the Museum of Cairo. As such, it is visited by millions of tourists per year, all of whom need hotel rooms.

The problem is that hotels in Paris are infamously expensive. Home to much of the rich and elite of France, many four and five star hotels charge as much as a thousand Euros per night for their services. How are people of more modest means to find a cheap hotel in Paris? Fortunately, Parisians know that their vibrant tourist industry needs to attract all types and income levels in order to thrive, and there are a great number of options for those seeking a cheap hotel in Paris.

The first and most common option is to rely on one’s travel agent. Booking a flight and hotel or an entire trip through a travel agency or as a package deal is a great way to reduce the cost. Travel agencies purchase hotel rooms in bulk and aggressively negotiate down prices, a benefit that they pass on to their customers. They can also help secure deals with hotels that have passed under new ownership or have just been remodeled and have thus lowered their prices in order to guarantee occupancy.

It is also possible to use hostels or to simply choose to stay near Paris and commute into the city. Paris has an extensive railway network that is every bit as available to tourists as it is commuters. Hotels become much less expensive outside of the Parisian city limits and there are also a lot more options in terms of privately owned bed and breakfasts in the countryside.

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