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New Smyrna Beach Hotels - How To Choose The Right New Smyrna Beach Hotels For Your Next Vacation

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New Smyrna Beach is a beautiful Florida vacation spot offering the perfect location to unwind and enjoy the sun. Whether you have previously stayed in New Smyrna Beach or this will be your first experience, you are probably wondering what New Smyrna Beach hotels are currently available. There are a large number of hotel options to consider when booking a vacation in Smyrna Beach, though some of those options stand out above the rest.

One New Smyrna Beach hotel that guarantees a comfortable stay is the Riverview Hotel. With competitive prices and beautiful views, the Riverview hotel is widely known as wonderfully accommodating. The staff is both friendly and helpful and the hotel offers vacationers a variety amenities, such as a spa at which to unwind and get pampered, a heated pool, and beautiful gardens. The Riverview is conveniently located within 25 minutes driving distance from the airport and is an excellent choice of hotel.

The Holiday Inn and Suites is also a great choice of New Smyrna Beach Hotels. The Holiday Inn and Suites is located within walking distance of the beach itself. While the price of rooms are a bit higher than some other options, the Holiday Inn offers a completely luxurious stay in New Smyrna Beach.

Some other popular choices of hotels are the Islander Beach Resort, Oceania Suite New Smyrna Beach, Buena Vista Inn and Vacation Apartments, and the Ocean Trillium Suites. No matter what hotel you choose it is important to book your room as early as possible, especially during popular vacation times like spring break and the summer months. Choosing the right hotel is imperative to fully enjoying New Smyrna Beach and will allow you to make the most of your next vacation.

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