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Cheap Hotels Salt Lake City - Finding Cheap Hotels in Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City is one of the most underrated cities in the United States, and one of the most affordable for travelers. Because of its status as the headquarters of the Mormon Church, most people associate it entirely with religion. But Salt Lake City has many attractions for potential visitors: interesting dining and shopping, unique museums and more, all at the foot of the majestic Wasatch Range. Its location and moderate climate also make Salt Lake City a natural destination for those interested in skiing, hiking, and outdoor adventures.

Finding a cheap place to stay is easy, since accommodations in Salt Lake City are plentiful and well-priced. Most visitors stay in downtown Salt Lake, near most of the city’s attractions, such as the state capitol, Temple Square, and The Gateway shopping center. Most hotels in Salt Lake offer transportation to and from the airport, because it is located fairly close to downtown. You may also be able to find a cheaper hotel south of downtown along the Interstate 15 corridor. Don’t worry about getting lost – Salt Lake’s unique street-numbering system, where each corner is numbered by how far it is from the Mormon Temple in downtown, makes the city easy to navigate. Salt Lake’s light-rail system, built for the 2002 Winter Olympics, also gives visitors staying in less-expensive parts of the city quick access to downtown.

Because Salt Lake City attracts thousands of genealogical researchers monthly who come to work at the Mormon Church’s genealogical center, many discount hotels in the city offer inexpensive, often long-term rates to those interested in discovering their family’s roots. However, you don’t have to be doing family research to take advantage of these inexpensive hotel rates. Genealogical societies in Salt Lake are one resource to help you find a cheap place to stay.

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