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Cheap Plain Tickets - Best Ways to Find Cheap Plane Tickets

How to find Nice Cheap Flights

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There are websites galore claiming to possess cheap plane tickets (KAYAK, Yahoo Farechase, and Farecast), and sometimes they produce what they claim. Other times they return very different results. Realistically, you have to be on these sites frequently to hit a bargain, and even then it could be cheaper directly with the airline! The real secret behind nice cheap flights involves knowing which airlines maintain consistent rates for direct flight paths, falling in line with the required days in advance to book the flight, and watching for special travel getaways. You can sign up with any of the many airlines to receive email alerts or tweets when cheap plane tickets become available. That’s the easy part! Knowing the consistently low rates and the required days to reserve in advance is a bit tougher.

Several competing airlines fly direct routes daily and that is to your advantage because they want your business. They want to appeal to your pocket book and keep you away from their competitors. For example, from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California, is a direct flight U.S. Airways and Air Tran both travel on a daily basis. Airfare for both airlines is $278.00 round trip. Competition is good! Here are a few others that might help save you a penny or two:

  • Chicago to Miami:
    $168.00 round trip if purchased 14 days in advance of the flight date. Cost is the same for U.S. Airways and Air Tran.
  • Los Angeles to New York:
    $258.00 round trip if purchased 14 days in advance with U.S. Airways
    $278.00 round trip if purchased 7 days in advance with Frontier Airlines
    $278.00 round trip if purchased 7 days in advance with Air Tran
  • Delta flights from New York to:
    Kansas City, MO (MCI) $99.00
    Nashville, TN (BNA) $99.00
    Norfolk, VA (ORF) $79.00
    St. Louis, MO (STL) $89.00

Currently, if you reserve your flights 50 days in advance, Delta has a travel getaway special for Business Class to various destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, in the price range of $1,279.00 – $3,059.00. There are also specials running for cheap plane tickets booked 30 days in advance.

Remember that airlines price their flights in accordance with passenger demand and in response to what their competitors are doing. For the most part, Saturday and Wednesday mornings are the best times to reserve flights because new flights are released twice a week. There are airlines that book one way flights, such as jetBlue and Southwest. If you find a nice cheap flight one way, but the return is outrageous, look for a return ticket on one of the cheap plane tickets sites, such as Orbitz or Expedia, for a one way fare. Be aware however that flights change constantly. When you reserve them, make sure it is within a few minutes of the other or you might lose one while booking another. Nothing makes a trip better than a nice cheap flight!

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