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All Inclusive Cancun Vacations - Benefits of an all inclusive Cancun vacation

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Cancun is one of the top-rated honeymoon destinations in the coastal state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. It’s also a popular vacation destination for college students. However, tourists and vacationers from all walks of life visit Cancun annually – it’s not limited to young people and newlyweds. Peak season in Cancun extends from December to April and rates increase significantly during this time. Summer months promise low rates but there is a risk of hurricanes and unbearable heat.

Cancun is known as El Mundo Maya, the gateway to the Mayan world. Mayan temples, burial sites and other archaeological sites are accessible to tourists, although some are deep in jungles. The coast has pristine white beaches shaped like the number seven. Cancun’s economy thrives on tourism. The hotel industry consists mostly of all inclusive resort hotels, which are a hit among tourists.

All-inclusive Cancun hotels offer a complete package that includes two to three meals, snacks, beverages, alcohol, spa services and use of hotel amenities such as gym and swimming pool. At the time of reservation, you can also sign up for day trips or historical tours around the city.

Cancun’s tourist zone is a 14 mile stretch which offers everything for tourists. The more expensive hotels and condominiums are lined along the shore while budget-friendly accommodation options are located in the city. In Cancun, you are never away from water. If it is not the white beaches, you can relax at one of the many waterfront restaurants along the Laguna Nichupte.

The central downtown area is home to shopping malls and night clubs. The tourist zone also has few Mayan sites like the Ruinas El Ray and is home to iguanas. Some beaches are dotted with minor archaeological ruins that can be easily found with the help of a map or a tour guide, if you choose to hire one.

The majority of visitors to Cancun come here because of the sea life. Work with your travel agent to include snorkeling and diving in your all inclusive vacation too. Hotels have well trained staff that can help you with scuba diving and snorkeling. Cancun has underwater national parks around some of the famous reefs that are considered the best for diving.

All inclusive Cancun vacations are a big hit with organizations since they can get a discount on a large booking. Because these packages include access to golf courses, employees can unwind and relieve work related stress.

You can look up all inclusive vacation packages online through reliable websites such as Expedia and Travelocity. TripAdvisor has helpful reviews about Cancun including details about hotels, places to visit and even basic things such as tipping, clothing and getting around.

Credit cards are not widely accepted in Cancun, especially in the local markets. Also, pedestrians in Cancun do not have the right of way so keep safe while walking.

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