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Holland Cruise Line - Book Your Cruise With Holland Cruise Line

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Holland America Line is a passenger shipping company founded in 1873 as the Dutch America Steamship Company. Although started mainly for the purpose of transporting goods, the company expanded to offer vacation cruises in 1895. For this reason, it is also known as Holland Cruise Line.

The Holland Cruise Line offers cruises to many exotic destinations of the world, including tours to Antarctica and the Amazon. Their services boast comfortable living quarters, five-star dining, and extensive activities to keep you occupied and relaxed during the course of your cruise. Because most cruises last for 5-20 days depending on the destination, some amount of boredom can sink in. You are at sea on a luxurious ship but what are the options? Holland Cruise Lines has activities like cooking classes, play areas for kids, and on-ship excursions to keep guests entertained. On board activities include cooking classes, a spa and a salon, a gym, art tours and even onboard shopping.

The cruise line currently has 14 mid range ships that handle 700,000 guests every year. Holland Cruise Line also operates hotels in Alaska and Yukon, and offers hotel stays to guests on the Alaska cruise line. It also owns a private island in the Caribbean, where all cruise liners stop to spend a day. Some people feel that the company capitalizes on the island because guests don’t have a choice here, but the luxuries of a private island are obviously more. For starters, there are no local salesmen or guides bothering you.

The best service of the Holland Cruise Line is the yearly Grand Voyage, which offers a world tour. Obviously the Grand Voyage is one of the most expensive cruises it offers but it has received a good reception among people. In 2008, on its 50th world cruise anniversary, the company offered a 114 day global tour that circumnavigated the globe.

Holland Cruise Line does everything for you, including hotel bookings, sightseeing arrangements, and outdoor expeditions for every city that the cruise goes to. Most guests prefer booking everything through them because of the trust factor and the guarantee that the company provides. They offer extended holidays with multiple benefits.

Cruises are meant to be expensive – it’s a universally accepted fact. With the Holland Cruise Line, you could be paying as much as $1500-$4000 for an ocean view or a grand room. Interior rooms are obviously cheaper, and for Grand Voyages even the interior rooms cost as much as $4000-$8000. Shore excursions like city tours are not included and have to be paid separately.

Many people across the world save all their money for a once in a lifetime cruise experience. Holland Cruise Line makes it an experience worth remembering for all these people. CruiseCritic.com, the leading cruise review site, rates Holland Cruise Line as the #1 cruise line in terms of cabins and activities.

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