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If you love the Central American culture of song, dance and lots of music, you should definitely take some time off and head to Panama. Panama is home to the famous Panama Canal, one of the major shipping routes of the world. Because the country has several tourist attractions, it is better to choose from the various Panama vacation packages offered by travel websites and agents. Panama was among the top 10 budget destinations of 2009, according to the _Frommer_’s budget travel magazine.

Panama City, Colon, David, Gamboa and Boquete are some of the major cities in Panama. Travel enthusiasts say that you can see the best of Panama in five days. Some of the must see destinations include the canal and the forests surrounding the canal, Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo, which is a UNESCO protected site. Panama’s culture is heavily influenced by Spain, who controlled the country for almost 200 years. Panama is a delight for surfers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Bocas del Toro and Isle Grande are some of the best known fishing areas, not to mention the iconic Panama Canal. For most tourists, Panama is a delight because of the economical prices. A five star style meal costs $8-$30 USD. Panama’s currency is American Dollars and most local people speak and understand English.

There is an increased demand for Panama vacation packages because of all these factors. Most middle-income families can easily afford a luxurious vacation in Panama. Vacation packages can vary depending on your specific requirements – for example, you can either choose a beach package or a historic package. You can even ask your travel agent to come up with a custom package if you want to spend more time in a certain area. Vacation packages are cheaper than booking air tickets and making hotel reservations yourself because travel agents are able to find discounts with airlines and hotels.

Here are some tips that will help you in finding Panama vacation packages:
1. Before approaching a travel agent, search online on popular travel websites and make a list of places you want to visit.
2. Ask for quotes from online as well as offline travel agents, compare and choose the best in terms of price and quality, the cheapest may not always be the best.
3. Remember to ask your travel agent to give you the names of hotels they are reserving for you. Read hotel reviews before you confirm anything, or simply ask them to change it to the hotel of your choice.
4. USA and European citizens can enter Panama without a visa, but they require a $13 tourist card on arrival. Don’t get misled by your travel agent into believing that you require a visa.
5. Bargain to get the price down. Most travel agents quote high prices; bargain to get further discounts.

Panama is a country with a rich heritage and also has some protected indigenous tribes along the Panamanian coast. Depending on what piques your interest, Panama has something to offer for everyone.

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