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W Hotel Los Angeles - Exploring Westwood and the Surrounding Areas - Defining W, Staying in Westwood, Times of the Year

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It is no secret that Los Angeles is a gigantic city with much to offer tourists. Actually, it has much to offer those that have resided in the city their entire life. The sights, sounds, and attractions of Los Angeles and it surrounding areas will never make for a dull moment. That is why so many vacationers opt to visit the area. Of course, when you do visit, you will need to book top of the line accommodations. This is where a W Hotel Los Angeles can prove to be so attractive.

Defining W

The “W” in W Hotel Los Angeles stands for Westwood and this is a famous section of the city. In fact, it is known for its central location to all things Los Angeles. It is right above the airport and right below Hollywood. That makes it the perfect place to be if you wish to hit all the many different sites in the region. A quick trip north will lead you to the famous streets of Sunset and Hollywood Blvd and if you wish to travel southward you can discover all the many things to see in Orange County. Perhaps you would even wish to head a couple hours away and into the mountains. All of these options are available to you if you are booked at a W Hotel Los Angeles.

Staying in Westwood

And who says that Westwood itself has nothing to offer? The west side of Los Angeles is home to a great many different attractions that are worth looking into. Scores of legendary old movie theaters are still open for tourists to explore. The classic Westwood Village section is home to many amazing shops and stores. The Armand Hammer Museum is a cultural landmark. And, of course, Westwood is home to UCLA which has many different events and attractions occurring all throughout the year. So, even if you spend your entire vacation in Westwood, you can have a great deal of fun. Again, just be sure you book a proper W Hotel Los Angeles as your “base of operations” during your stay. You will want to have access to decent accommodations and amenities in order to make your trip both comfortable and rewarding. If not, where would the fun be in all of it?

Times of the Year

When you look over your bookings for a W Hotel Los Angeles, is there a best time of the year to book your vacation? Honestly, the answer to this may be up to your own personal likes. Generally, the weather in Los Angeles is fairly even all year round. Of course, certain times of the year are more conducive for certain activities than others. Surfers and scuba aficionados will probably like traveling in the summer. Obviously, skiers and snowboarders will want to venture into the mountains in the winter. Most attractions and activities, however, can be enjoyed all year round. And these activities will definitely provide a lot of enjoyment. Los Angeles is an amazing city and can certainly rival New York as a town that never sleeps.

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