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Bed And Breakfast Savannah - Get a Bed and Breakfast in Savannah

Savannah Bed and Breakfast ideas

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Savannah, Georgia is one of the most visited getaway locations in the southern United States. With a population hovering just below 250,000, it is not a very big town which means there are not many large hotel chains to accommodate a sudden swell of visitors. Because Savannah is small while still popular and thanks to an urban renewal project which recently culminated in the revival of Ellis Square with more to come, Savannah, Georgia is the perfect place for small scale bed and breakfast operations.

Savannah is a city which is practically throbbing with rich, southern history. It is just a 20 minute car ride away from Port Wentworth, where centuries ago, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Savannah also happens to be the largest port in the state of Georgia, and besides that, the main port for other southern states which use the river to trade. What all this means for you is wonderful, riverside views in many of the Savannah bed and breakfast locations you might pick for your vacation. You will be guaranteed a great river view on, would you guess it, River Street. Near here you can hole up comfortably in the Ballastone Inn or East Bay Inn, both popular picks for their location and affordable rates; for about $150 a night you’ll be living large at the East Bay Inn, while a comparable room at the Ballastone could cost as much as $199 a night.

You are not forced to stay near the river, however, as other Savannah bed and breakfast sites exist further inland. Check out Azalea Inn and Gardens for a place to stay which is closer to everything else in Savannah while only being a short distance from the shore. You’ll pay for it with rates no lower than $299 a night, so consider if the proximity to the water is worth the extra pennies. Now, with the awful disaster in the Gulf of Mexico which is spewing oil up like mad, you might not enjoy the river view at all. It is fortunate for you there are other, famous bed and breakfasts in Savannah, such as The President’s Quarters which will cater to your needs by allowing you to sleep in late and have a decent meal waiting for you when you wake. You can enjoy a comfortable bed while taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the southern United States. All of your favorite television stations send signals to Savannah so you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows and you can even spend your vacation indoors, if all you really wanted to do was watch TV in a different location.

What more could you want from a Savannah bed and breakfast than a good bed, good food, a potentially good view and all the other comforts of the home you left behind? It’s an especially nice corner of the United States if you have a thing for pirates. Restaurants, like the Pirates’ House Restaurant in the historic northern district, give you alternatives to eating at your B&B, as well as options for meals besides breakfast. Savannah, Georgia is definitely worth consideration when planning your next southern vacation.

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