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Finding a good hotel in a city where you have never been before can be a taxing project. You never know what kind of service you will get until you’re already there. At least, that’s how traveling usually goes. Besides doing the usual thing and manually hunting for hotels in Fountain Hills, did you consider you might also get solid leads on great hotels by checking out the local chamber of commerce, something you can do with practically any city in the United States, but of which few people seem to be aware. It is the best way to hear about Fountain Hills hotels without any politics or biased information. Since the chamber of commerce in any city works to increase tourism in that city, you can rest assured you will only find yourself directed to quality hotels.

Arizona is in the middle of quite a lot of controversy over new policies enacted by its Governor. There is, perhaps, racial profile going on within the state limits, and as much as I never thought I would catch myself saying anything like this, do not go to Arizona if you are not white. Even if you are but have an accent which makes you sound foreign, you will, without a doubt, be harassed by local law enforcement and perhaps even be arrested if you can’t come up with ID as well as proof of citizenship. It is not the most friendly place in the United States right now, but that should not stop a majority of people from enjoying Fountain Hills. For some, it might even be an incentive to head to the American southwest. More power to you.

The seal of Fountain Hills marks the city as, “All that is Arizona”. That means you can look forward to heat, sand and plenty of fresh air. If you do stay at a Fountain Hills hotel, you’ll be very close to Phoenix; actually on a ridge just about 500 feet above the state capital. You can hop off an airplane at the Phoenix Sky Harbor, the nearest airport, and be in a number of Fountain Hills hotels such as the Inn at Eagle Mountain within a half hour. It’s pretty close to the biggest and best Arizona has to offer, while keeping you far enough away from the capital to ensure you don’t feel overcrowded on your vacation. Small, centrally located areas seem to be the best tourist attractions and Fountain Hills is no different. If you’re looking for a place that’s hot like Florida but much drier, this is it!

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