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North Carolina has a long coastline with resort communities all up and down the shore. Wilmington, Cape Fear, and the Crystal Coast are just a few of the great places to find a beach rental, relax, and take in the pleasurable North Carolina summer with the Atlantic as your front yard.

One of the best known places for an NC beach vacation with a lot of rental possibilities is the Outer Banks. Located in the northern area of the state, the Outer Banks is a series of barrier islands standing between the mainland and the open ocean. The islands tend to be long and thin, sometimes not more than a mile wide. They are prone to being shaped by natural forces, such as hurricanes; since the islands surround most of North Carolina’s northern mainland coast, they are vulnerable to such a storm’s landfall.

The Outer Banks region has its own tourism-oriented website located at http://www.outerbanks.org/about_us/visitors_bureau/ . The site helps visitors figure out where in the Outer Banks to visit, and where to book their beach rental while taking in lighthouses, scenic walks, museums and of course, where Orville and Wilbur Wright first took to the skies at Kitty Hawk.

The long sandy beaches, wildlife (including wild horses called “Bankers”), great weather, and historical landmarks make the Outer Banks a great place for a family vacation in North Carolina. Beach rentals are extremely popular during the summer season and one is advised to research a location and book early if you want to make sure to find a spot. Last minute reservations may not only be very expensive; they might be impossible to find. Many real estate agents in the area have listings for seasonal rentals with beach rental property among the many rentals to choose from. Carefully check each listing to make sure the home is in a location central to where you intend to explore and has the amenities you need. Expect to pay $1000 and up per week, more during peak season.

One word of caution: The Outer Banks is a wonderful place to look for a North Carolina beach vacation. But always be prepared to leave your rental in a hurry if you must; summer in the Outer Banks coincides with the Atlantic Hurricane season that runs from June 1st to November 30th. While nobody wants to think about a hurricane when going on vacation, being unprepared to leave an area with limited access like the Outer Banks while a storm is bearing down on you can turn a dream stay into a nightmare.

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