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Palm Beach County School Board - Looking for Information on The Palm Beach County School Board?

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The Palm Beach County School Board exemplifies why this district is ranked in Newsweek’s Best High Schools in America in the top ten. Dedicated to excellence in education and to preparation for productive lives, the Board is a devoted group of individuals chaired by Monroe Benaim, MD from District 1. Other members of the Board include Mrs. Paulette Burdick – District 2; Mr. Bill Graham – District 3; Mrs. Carrie Hill – District 4; Frank A. Barbieri, Jr. Esq. – District 5; Dr. Sandra Richmond, Vice-Chair – District 6; and Debra Robinson, MD – District 7. Graham, Hill, Richmond, and Robinson’s terms will expire in 2010.

The goals of The Palm Beach County School Board stress increased literacy and performance in the schools, while learning in a safe environment with challenging curriculum from a well-trained staff. The Board wants to manage financially the available funds for implementing the programs desired, and involve parents in their child’s education in order to fulfill the ultimate goal of producing productive, educated citizens.

The Palm Beach County School Board is governed by the Florida Statutes and represents the entire school district, not just the district that elected them individually. When speaking with individuals or before a group of people, Board Members do not speak on behalf of the entire Board but for themselves, unless expressly asked to speak on behalf of the entire Board. The job of The Palm Beach County School Board is to determine policies that effect every day operations of the school as well as to improve the school system for a better education and learning environment for students.

The Legal Advisor for The Palm Beach County School Board is designated by the School Board Members to give legal counsel if needed at meetings or particular events when necessary. It is the policy of the Board to keep its citizens informed regarding matters involving the health and welfare of the school system. Pursuant to Florida Statute all regular meetings, workshops, and special meetings of the Board are open to the public, and The Palm Beach County School Board welcomes the advice and counsel of the public who elected them.

Each spring, The Palm Beach County School Board is presented a calendar for school activities, including start and completion dates, for review. This calendar is prepared by a committee which the Superintendent appoints. Incorporated into the calendar are all holidays, school days for the students, teacher work days, and vacation periods which must be met with the approval of the Board.

A five-year Plan & Capital Budget is available for review by the public at www.palmbeachschools.org. The only funded plans are first year plans; the remaining agenda is governed by the economy and changes in the financial situation of the school. In FY2010, The Palm Beach County School Board is responsible for the education of 170,000 children while facing difficult economic issues. The first day of school is August 17, 2010.

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