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How to find the best United States Vacations

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Because humans are primarily creatures of habit, we tend to do the same things over and over. Our theory is “we’ve found something that works, stick with it!” Even in our vacation planning, we like to go to the same places, never really venturing out to experience something different; well, no more! Adventures are awaiting you in United States vacations, you only need to try them!

Try Out a Vacation in Alaska

Mendellhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska, allows you to experience the magnificence of Alaskan glaciers. NorthStar Trekking (www.glaciertrekking.com or (907) 790-4530) offers a unique adventure to witness parts of Alaska only accessible by air or boat. Level 1 takes you on a helicopter trip to walk with a guide over the vast beautiful glacial terrain. All equipment is provided and although the walk is at least an hour in length, it is not strenuous and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Children must be at least 8 years of age. Level 2 trip is for the more experienced hikers. You will be hiking on uneven and sometimes steep terrain, accessing remote areas of the glaciers with an experienced guide. Witnessing the rare environment of Alaska is one of many top United States vacations you do not want to miss.

A Tropical Vacation in the United States

If the water attracts you, one of the many United States vacation sights to visit is Key West, Florida. It has a wide variety of activities to explore while surrounded by the relaxed, tropical atmosphere of the people and culture of the area. Fishing is a highlight, particularly on the island of Islamorada. It is called the “purple isles” because of the color of the sea snails who inhabit the island. This area covers approximately twenty miles. A main attraction on the Islamorada is world class fishing, from shallow water to deep sea fishing, guides can give you the time of your life and a great fish tale to boast for many years. At the Theater of the Seas, you and your children will be able to swim with dolphins and sting rays, explore in the wonders of the coral reef, and learn about conservation of its natural beauty and significance. It is located at 84721 Overseas Hwy or call (305) 664-2431 for information.

Get the Cowboy Experience on Your Vacation

In the Great Smoking Mountains of Tennessee, The French Broad River Dude Ranch provides an unforgettable family fun-filled vacation. You can choose from a cabin, which sleeps 5 to 9 people, The “John Wayne” old western Hotel, or The Rough Cut Guest Lodge. From rafting, tubing, and fishing to horseback riding and cattle herding, you will experience first hand what it is like to live and work on a ranch. All meals and activities are included in your vacation package deal. Just keep in mind that cowboys never wash their jeans – the stiffer the better! The Dude Rance is located in Del Rio, Tennessee, 461 Old River Road or call (800) 995-POST for more information.

Vacations full of adventure await you in the United States. If you are tired of the same vacation spots you’ve been visiting since you were a child, check out some of these ideas for an enjoyable vacation experience.

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