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Oakland Airport Parking - Oakland Airport Parking

Avoid getting robbed before you even go on vacation!

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Airport parking is murder. The rates are insane, through the roof no matter where you are in the United States. To exaggerate not at all, you could end up making a rent payment, the same amount of money it would cost you to live indoors for a month, in a month, to keep your car parked while you’re off on vacation. Most people don’t take month long vacations, but that doesn’t mean the $8+ a day in parking fees add up any slower. California is a big, busy state with plenty of traffic by land, by sea and by air. Finding Oakland Airport parking can basically go one of three ways. Either you find a spot and shell out an exorbitant amount of money, or you leave your car with friends or family and hope nothing happens while you’re gone, or you try out one of the parking sites close to the airport. Each of these choices have their own merits.

Let’s say you give up, you give in and you’ll pay through the roof to keep your car under one while you’re away on holiday. This might be the best option available to you, so don’t put it completely out of your mind when planning your vacation. There are some decent perks to using Oakland Airport on site parking as opposed to going with a cheaper, nearby parking company. First, since your car will be on airport property, you can rest assured it will be nice and tight under lock and key with plenty of security, including armed members of the national guard, to keep things in order. The chance of your car being damaged or worse, stolen, is much lower at the airport than even outside of your home while you’re away. It costs a pretty penny but you won’t find anything safer that costs less. For comparable safety at a lesser cost, consider nearby parking companies such as Expresso. There you can park your car for just under $6 a day and put your mind at ease without spending a load of money.

Parking at the airport is definitely safer, but is it really worth the cost? If you could arrange to be driven to and picked up from the airport, your car becomes far less necessary to your travel plans. Leaving your automobile with a trusted friend or family member can have its advantages as well. If someone you know has a garage, that is a great, far cheaper (or even free) alternative to paying in blood for a parking spot at Oakland Airport. Find someone you know won’t drive your car while you’re gone and you’ve found a great place to keep it while you’re away. Besides this, consider leaving your car at some other, secure parking location, perhaps in downtown Oakland, where you will get the same safety guarantee you would at the airport, but at the same time pay significantly less for your parking.

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