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To live in Palm Springs is to adopt a desert resort lifestyle within the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, California. Host to many acclaimed sporting events, luxury tourism is a hallmark of Palm Springs hospitality. Essentially an exclusive resort town, four or five luxury resorts inhabit the suburb, while an international airport separates it from nearby Cathedral City. Geographically small in size, Palm Springs concentrates considerable affluence in the aridity of the Californian desert.

While certainly providing residence for some, Palm Springs rentals are primarily of interest to tourists clamoring for luxury resort facilities. Property owners in Palm Springs retian a healthy rental income. Some of the country’s most luxurious homes in Palm Springs, and they command handsome rental prices.

Sprawling properties are an alternative to corporate seminars and functions held in luxury hotels. In Palm Springs for $8,000 per week or $1,500 per night, one can rent a luxury eight bedroom residence with suites. For around $2,500 a week or $$450 per night, a similar proposition is obtainable with a mere five bedrooms. A modest $1,500 per week or $300 per night will secure a 2-3 bedroom property with the same appointments as their eight-bedroom counterparts.

Location! Location!

In Palm Springs, locations is a moot point as all residences either flank a beautiful golf course setting, or allow magnificent desert sunsets to endure in the memory of visitors long after they have returned home. Like a desert flower, here is the unique garden of the ardent vacationer, intent on an itinerary of relaxation and spoiling. Fully serviced resorts are also available for rental purposes, but they fail to deliver the privacy of individual rental residences.

Particularly popular for the vacation season, rental properties in Palm Springs are often completely booked year in advance. With the economic downturn of the past 3 years, corporate rentals have been markedly absent and therefore Palm Springs rental prices in recent times have been at unprecedented lows. Of course as in the airline industry, owners of an asset are amenable to a reduced income in the face of a sluggish market, and so it is possible to get even lower rates upon negotiation at off-peak times throughout the calendar year. If travelers are willing to risk showing up in Palm Springs without reservations, the on-call rental rates can be found to be markedly lower than those advertised. Still, the desert can experience large fluctuations in temperature and a comfortable shelter comes at a price when a stop-over is planned enroute at Palm Springs. Palm Springs rentals are not cheap.

Catering for a specific segment of the tourist population, many arrive in alternative transport assisted by the local airport, with the prospect of hiring a car for the day and the relatively short drive to the hot surfing spots of Long Beach and Santa Ana, or to Tijuana the Mexican border. To the west is idyllic Joshua Tree National Park.

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