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Hotels Ann Arbor - Picking the Best Hotels in Ann Arbor for Your Michigan Adventure - Business Hotels in Ann Arbor, Family Friendly Hotels in Ann Arbor

Make the Most of Your Next Vacation with the Perfect Accommodations

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When visiting Ann Arbor, make sure your accommodations are in the perfect location so you can make the most out of your trip. Many hotels in Ann Arbor are in a great location for family vacations, romantic getaways or business trips. Identify the purpose of your trip, and then select a location and hotel.

Business Hotels in Ann Arbor

If you are visiting Ann Arbor for business, location is important. You will want a hotel that is near the hub of the Ann Arbor business community. When you stay in downtown Ann Arbor, you will be near the business center, as well as several restaurants.

Of course, location is not everything. You also want to find a hotel that can accommodate your guests and host your meeting or event. Check the amenities offered at each hotel to ensure you will have everything you need for your function. If your business is near the University, the Hampton Inn Ann Arbor is located near North University and gives you easy access to downtown restaurants and venues. The Marriott Courtyard Ann Arbor is also conveniently located near the campuses and medical centers. This hotel also offers meeting rooms and business facilities complete with printers and fax machines.

Family Friendly Hotels in Ann Arbor

Choosing the perfect hotel for a family vacation can be a daunting task. You will want a hotel that offers amenities for children and is near all of the family friendly activities in Michigan. Many hotels in Ann Arbor offer arcades, child clubs and swimming pools, so your kids will be able to have fun without leaving the hotel’s grounds. This will give you the perfect opportunity for quality time with your family.

You will also want to choose a hotel that is close to family friendly activities. Once you make it to Michigan, you will want to spend as little time in the car as possible. Make sure your accommodations are close to all of the activities you want to visit during your stay. With a little thought, you can have a vacation in Ann Arbor your entire family will remember. Most often, the main hotel chains such as the Marriott and Holiday Inn will offer kid friendly options for your next getaway.

Romantic Getaways in Ann Arbor

When choosing a hotel in Ann Arbor for a romantic getaway, look into the quaint hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area. Bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels are known for having a very high quality of service. Ann Arbor boasts several lodging options that cater to your every romantic need, from fresh cut flowers in your room to private romantic meals. Consider a stay at the Washington House or the Bellanina Guest house, both of which are located in the romantic Kerrytown District. Both will provide you with the romantic getaway you are looking for.

When choosing accommodations in Ann Arbor, make sure you take into account the reason for your trip and the amenities you are looking for. Then, look at the sites for each hotel and read guests comments. This will give you the best representation of the true feel of the hotels in the area and ensure you have a great stay.

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