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Sacramento Bed And Breakfast - sacramento bed and breakfast - The Best Sacramento Bed and Breakfast, Eden Vale Inn Bed and Breakfast

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What do you think of first when you plan a trip? One of the first things you probably consider is where you’re going to stay, and if you’re visiting Sacramento, there are plenty of hotels available. However, you’ll find yourself enjoying a new way to travel when you stay at a Sacramento bed and breakfast. A bed and breakfast offers overnight lodging and breakfast, and staying at a Sacramento bed and breakfast allows you to enjoy the privacy and personal touch you don’t get at a large hotel. Bed and breakfasts are smaller establishments, and many of them are private homes with just a few bedrooms available to be rented out.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for a place to stay is what sort of things there are to do nearby. Just remember that no matter where you stay in Sacramento, you’re sure to have plenty to do. The inns located outside of town tend to be perfect for wine lovers because they are right in the heart of wine country. However, staying in the city has its benefits too. Sacramento boasts the California State Railroad Museum, Fairytale Town, Funderland, and Historic Old Sacramento.

Overall, there are plenty of great choices when it comes to finding a good Sacramento bed and breakfast, but we’ve listed just a few of the gems here.

Eden Vale Inn Bed and Breakfast

Rates at the Eden Vale Inn Bed and Breakfast start at $149 per night. This Sacramento bed and breakfast offers a beautiful lake view and just five guest rooms. This means you won’t be sharing the inn with many other guests. Eden Vale is located in the Placerville area, just to the east of Sacramento, but the views are breathtaking and worth the drive. Tel: 530-621-0901

Amber House Bed and Breakfast

For those who prefer to stay in downtown Sacramento, the Amber House Bed and Breakfast is the perfect choice. Amber House consists of two restored historic houses located just eight blocks from the Capitol building. Another great amenity to note about this Sacramento bed and breakfast is that the level of elegance is beyond what you might find in many other smaller inns. Amber House features marble tiles in the bathrooms and Jacuzzi bathtubs. Tel: 800-755-6526

Inn at Parkside

The Inn at Parkside is also located right in the heart of the city, and this Sacramento bed and breakfast is unique because of its high level of entertainment value. Each room boasts cutting edge entertainment systems and Wi-Fi. The rooms each have their own fireplace, and the inn offers extensive spa services from professional therapists. Tel: 800-995-7275

Wine and Roses

Enjoy a slice of history with your stay in California when you stay at the Wine and Roses. Margaret Thatcher and Martha Stewart have both stayed at this Sacramento bed and breakfast, and you’ll enjoy the old-fashioned décor paired with modern technology. The Wine and Roses is truly the place to stay if you are a wine connoisseur because the winery building on the property plays host to the community’s wine industry. Tel: 877-310-6570

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