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San Francisco lies on a peninsula some 40 miles square, separating San Francisco Bay and the famous Golden Gate Bridge from the Pacific Ocean. Given the relatively limited area of this quaint peninsular city, San Francisco is surprisingly robust and organized.
Streets form a grid pattern across the city with 100 property addresses per block. Buses and cable cars give full access to the city, and many areas have bike lanes or bicycle tracks.

As could be expected of an internationally acclaimed city, San Francisco is a densely concentrated metropolis, and to date holds the largest gay population in the world. This being the case, naturally, San Francisco exudes a variety of cultural attributes extending from the conveniently situated Napa Valley winery scene and Old Faithful, a geyser of considerable repute, to the contemporary music and award-winning culinary masters littering the city like confetti. First-class San Francisco hotel rooms will set visitors back approximately $500 – $600 per night overlooking the bay at the infamous Fisherman’s Wharf, or at a prestigious venue such as the Fairmont Heritage Place in Ghirardelli Square. More affordable stays are available at the Handlery Union Square Hotel for around $250 per night, with budget accommodation at the Vintage Court Executive Hotel for as low as $90 per night mid-week. The tapestry of service caters for all budgets and every need, as hotels in San Francisco, CA, have been looking after people for generations.

San Francisco Hotel Freebies

The penthouse suite at the Argonaut on Fisherman’s Wharf will provide a visitor with amenities second to none; gym, room service, fine dining, full livery and internet access. Comparatively, a budget hotel such as the Heritage Marina will only require $100 per night but at that price will also throw in a free breakfast, which as seasoned travellers are aware, is a considerable offering at the start of a hectic and expensive day on vacation; invariably the expensive hotels will seek to charge profanely for meals. Often the only opportunity to get value like this is in making an early San Francisco hotel reservation.
Most San Francisco hotels either provide eating facilities or if not are located nearby; it’s not such a large amble to eat anywhere in a city that rarely rests. Many hotels offer pet accommodation such as the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf. Further, the Sheraton also allows children under 17 years of age to stay free if spending the night in the same room as parents. Valet parking is available for approximately $50 per night. While not as affordable as some of the other hotels in San Francisco, the Sheraton offers unique service to visitors at a commensurate price.

Tourists may want to visit the city’s attractions like Alcatraz Island the notorious prison of Al Capone fame; however some areas may require care when frequenting, such as the modest Tenderloin residential district.
San Francisco takes its place as one of the cultural icons of American history that has received great attention for decades through the media and the collective art world. This being the case she is well acquainted with travellers and San Francisco hotels are proficient at meeting their needs to the full.

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