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San Francisco is a beautiful tourism destination, but there are so many San Francisco motels to choose from that it can be daunting. As you start the process of choosing a motel, just begin with location. You want to stay close to the activities you want to do. The city of San Francisco is broken down into neighborhoods, and you can easily sort San Francisco motels by the neighborhood they are in. Just look for motels in the same neighborhood as your chosen activity. One of the most popular San Francisco neighborhoods to stay in the Financial District, which consists of Union Square and Nob Hill.

San Francisco Motels in the Financial District

The heart of the tourism industry in San Francisco lies in the Financial District. Union Square is the primary shopping area, and you’ll enjoy the cable cars that bring you up to Nob Hill, where many of the wealthy business owners in the city once lived. Of course the number of San Francisco Motels in Union Square and Nob Hill is quite large, but here are just a few suggestions.

San Francisco Motels in Union Square

The Hilton San Francisco Union Square is the largest hotel on the west coast. If you want to stay somewhere in luxury, then this is the place to be. An on-site spa only adds to your luxurious stay. Tel: 415-771-1400

Catch a taste of old-fashioned life at The Inn at Union Square. This upscale motel offers a complimentary wine reception in the evening and an evening tea. Tel:. 415-397-3510

The Hotel Mayflower is a beautiful historic hotel that offers the basic amenities like continental breakfast and satellite TV. The décor will especially give you a feel for the city as you enjoy the special themed murals. Tel: 415-673-7010

If you’re worried about price, then you might want to consider staying at the St. Moritz Hotel. It’s one of the few budget hotels located in Union Square, and it’s right along the cable car line. This hotel also offers weekly rates. Tel: 415-397-4639

San Francisco Motels in Nob Hill

The world-famous Fairmont San Francisco is located in Nob Hill, and it’s certainly worth the cash if you’ve got it. In addition to all the amenities you would expect from a luxury hotel, you’ll also enjoy the breathtaking view from this restored beauty. Tel: 415-772-5000

If you prefer a spa setting and a family-owned atmosphere, then you might consider staying at the Huntington Hotel and Nob Hill Spa. This motel offers unique style and luxury you won’t find anywhere else. Tel: 415-474-5400

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