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South Lake Tahoe Rentals - south lake tahoe rentals - South Lake Tahoe Rentals, All Seasons Tahoe Home Rentals

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Lake Tahoe is known as a year-round vacation destination, and there are plenty of South Lake Tahoe rentals to choose from, no matter what type of activity you’re looking for. There are several large South Lake Tahoe rental companies, and many of these offer a one-stop shop for those looking for a place to stay in South Lake Tahoe.

All Seasons Tahoe Home Rentals

All Seasons offers three luxury homes in South Lake Tahoe. All three homes offer at least six bedrooms and internet access. A hot tub is available at two of the homes, and two of them have pool tables. These South Lake Tahoe rentals are the perfect solution for those who want some elegance to their stay but don’t want to stay at a huge resort. Tel. 415-505-2525

Cedar Pines Resort: South Lake Tahoe

For those who prefer a cabin atmosphere, the Cedar Pines Resort offers many South Lake Tahoe rentals. Cedar Pines is perfect for those who like to stay at resorts and want to enjoy everything nature has to offer. The phone number for the resort is 530-448-6107.

South Lake Tahoe Rentals: Inn by the Lake

Inn by the Lake markets itself as Lake Tahoe’s boutique resort, and it’s got the gorgeous views to back up that claim. The resort even has an exclusive walking neighborhood, which offers plenty of family fun that is easily accessible by foot. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from. Tel. 800-877-1466.

South Lake Tahoe Rentals Near the Ski Areas

If you’re going to South Lake Tahoe for the skiing, then you should check out all of the properties located in the Eldorado National Forest not far from the Nevada-California state line. The South Lake Tahoe Reservation Bureau will easily be able to connect you with a South Lake Tahoe rental that will be perfect for you. Their telephone number is 800-698-2463.

Echo Creek Mountain Ranch

Echo Creek Mountain Ranch is perfect for family reunions or large groups of people traveling together. The ranch lies on 16 acres in South Lake Tahoe, and it features a log home with five bedrooms and a bunkhouse. There is lodging for up to 20 people in this unique estate. Echo Creek is just five minutes away from the airport and close to restaurants, ski resorts, golf courses, and water activities. Tel: 800-698-2463

South Lake Tahoe Rentals Along the Shore

One of the most popular places for Lake Tahoe visitors to stay is the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. These rentals are close to both the lake and ski areas. South Shore of Lake Tahoe rentals offer every kind of rental from tiny cabins perfect for two people to mountain ranches that sleep 20 people. You can find out more about rentals on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe by calling 800-698-2463

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