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Many non-Californians don’t associate the Golden State with snow, but in fact California’s Lake Tahoe area is home to some fantastic skiing. Squaw Valley hotels provide a high standard of ski-accommodation for avid skiers and novices alike.

Nestled within the pristine Tahoe National Forest, Squaw Valley lies inland from the Pacific Ocean, opposite Carson City on the western shore of Lake Tahoe. An extensively sought-after ski resort, Squaw Valley hotels cater to tourists all year around. Due to its accessibility to wilderness parks, snow-dappled peaks, and meadows flush with wildflowers in the summer months, it is a well established four-season mountain resort of considerable repute.

Resort-style ski accommodation is invariably in constant demand during winter, and rarely are rooms quoted for durations less than a per-night basis. Accommodation during winter can be expensive, with the budget-priced premises offering studio apartments that are minimalistic at best.
Red Wolf Lodge offers such a budget package for a low $150 per night. The room comes with a king size bed, a hot plate and fridge, and a sofa bed for the kids or family. Given the price, it may well be situated near the ski-in/ski-out thoroughfare and thus subject to the sound of skiers constantly milling to and fro from the slopes. Snow machines and ploughs working through the night may also be a disturbance for guests in low-budget accommodations.

At the other side of the spectrum, two bedroom suites accommodating up to four adults will be found to be worth every penny. Not only are they fully appointed with spa-baths, internet access, LCD TV’s, elegant furniture and even a dual head shower, but they also come with convenient access to fine dining, a bar, and a good night’s sleep to all. The Resort at Squaw Creek offers spectacularly appointed rooms for between $350 and $450 per night during winter.

Springtime on the Slopes

The spring and summer months see the melting of the snow caps and flowing of the streams to generate new growth throughout the Valley. Hikers frequent the Squaw Valley in droves during this time; for them, this time is their version of bliss.
Economically speaking, spring prices are markedly lower than during the ski season. Plump Jack Squaw Valley Inn, for example, offers discounts of up to 25% during summer, and checkout conditions are a little more relaxed at 2pm each day rather than the 8am demands of winter.
Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort’s summer rates are still on the high side — $320 – $400 per night during summer — but vacationers are treated to the highest standard of in-house service, breath-taking mountain views and other first-class amenities. The Hyatt maintains a mountain-lodge decor and has a private beach. A casino is on the property as well.
For visitors wanting to have as much fun in summer as they do in winter, Squaw Valley hotels will impress.

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